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TOPIC: ORS's Summer Splash 2007
Created by: BooNShip
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In mid-July 2007, We're planning on a Swingers event that will be held in Oak Hill, WV.

As it stands now, we are planning on a multi-day trip (from all over the east coast) to WV for a weekend of nothing but watersports (not that kind!) and off-roading. One day we will be rafting either the famous Gauley river or the New River. The next day we will (not required) go Off-Roading (4x4's and possibly dual sport bikes, and quads) in the Gorgeous New River area.

We would stay as a group at a Rafting outfitter's facility for the weekend. The possibilities are endless for this event as they offer horseback riding, kayaking, biking, hiking, caving!, and much more.

For us to get an idea on whether anyone would want or could attend this national style event, We've started this thread and will promote the event to as many states as we can. If we get a good response to this, we will then put the event details into stone.

We know it would be a long trip for some of us; especially Boo & I! lol. But those who have been to our unusual lifestyle events usually held within Pa, can verify that these events are something you will never forget. Here's a chance for us to meet alot of our southern and Northern neighbors!!!

Port Carbon PA
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TOPIC: ORS's Summer Splash 2007