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FORUMSEventsWest VirginiaIts just embarassing (soap box)
TOPIC: Its just embarassing (soap box)
Created by: ZigNYur
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Being a native of southern WV, but having lived the past 13 years till recently in the DC metro area - I have to get this off my chest.

For a state that is renowned for its hospitality and good natured people, 'most' WV members on here are giving the state a black eye.

It seems a way too high of a percentage of WV members don't even have the common courtesy to hold a decent conversation much less respond to an e-mail - even with a short not interested or even a 'more later' type of response.

While we won't name any names, quite a few are within 60 miles of us that just don't seem to have any concept of etiquette. Between the e-mails sent on here to instant messaging outside of the site - its just plain embarrassing to see 'nice' looking couples end up presenting themselves in a bad light due to lack of etiquette on their part. I mean, come on people - get with being civil or change your profiles.

We know everyone has a busy life, and we know everyone has different tastes - but a simple response (or letting the other party know your done with an IM) goes a long way in presenting yourselves in a much better light.

For example, we send an intro e-mail out in hopes to get an initial yeay or nay and then we wait around a week (thats 7 days for non-WV people ;-) ) for a response, if none then we usually follow up with another explaining we haven't heard back and are just touching base. Then from there another week (thats 14 days now +/-) we'll send another e-mail inquiring if they could please respond in some manner and then finally after about another 7 days we'll send our final e-mail explaining that due to lack of response on their part we'll no longer initiate contact with them but leave the door open for them to contact us. Of all the folks contacted that didn't respond to the initial e-mail - only 1 couple actually replied somewhere during that period of 3 weeks total.

Do other WV folks seem to have a similar problem or is it just us?

The e-mail system on here informs us when mails are read, and most are read within a day or so - and we really don't look for replies till weekends - hence the 7 day +/- 'grace period'. We do everything we can to give other people the benefit of doubt and we always try very hard to word our e-mails in a civilized form as to not impose any perceived pressure.

Even the other half (Yur) who is not from this area is wondering what I have gotten her into since we moved out the DC metro area. We realize the pool of potential compatiable playmates is much smaller, but the ratio of contact/responses is just appalling.

Its this kind of behavior I would have expected from a large metropolitan area not from the fine hospitable folks in the good state of WV!

If you are a WV member and this does NOT apply to you since you are considerate enough to respond to bona fide inquires - this message is NOT directed to you. I apologize in advance for those who are respectable West Virginians.

If you are offended by the message because it may apply to you - well lets just see who replies LOL.

In a more positive light - those folks that mention the Socials club in Blacksburg VA (since its very popular with WV SLS members too) in their profile have been wonderful representatives of the lifestyle.

Frederick MD
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TOPIC: Its just embarassing (soap box)