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TOPIC: Valentine Weekend of Parties
Created by: satinsheetdreams
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Valentine Weekend of Parties February 4th-5th-6th 2011 Saratoga Springs NY

Friday - PJ Party Saturday - Valentine Dance Party Sunday - Super Sexy Sunday Party

We thought we would try something new this year for Valentines Day and host a hotel suite weekend event.

The party will be in a two large hospitality suites and will include all of the things you expect from one of our events, but hosted in a much more cozy setting in the spirit of Valentines Day.

While we will not have a formal dance in the Ballroom as we have at previous events, we will have some great food, dancing, and fun! If you have attended one of our events in the past think about the possibilities of 40 hours of our Famous After Party!

That alone should make you want to sign up right away!

We think this will offer you an experience that will give you an opportunity to meet new people, spend time with people you already know, dance, socialize, get a great deal on a room and just have an overall great time!

Great hotel rates are available for Friday, Saturday AND Sunday so come spend the whole weekend with us!

The party gets started right after you check in! If you are not going to book a room at the hotel but still want to attend that is perfectly fine … but we recommend booking a room!

This Event is by invitation ONLY for couples and unescorted females.

Albany NY
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TOPIC: Valentine Weekend of Parties