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TOPIC: Desire
Created by: PhillyFriction
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This will be a trip to remember!!! Please contact the following ASAP if you are interested in coming with us

angier@lifestyles-tours.co or Angie at 866-807-5205 We hope you will consider joining us, Philly Friction and many of our sexy memebers, as well as many new sexy couples from all over the states, in a unforgettable, passionate trip to The DESIRE Resort in Rivera Maya, Mexico...... We are from the Philly Friction group and we are doing a group trip to Desire in Mexico in Feburary. Our group is a selective, hot group and all are screened and very attractive couples. We are looking for other hot couples to meet in Mexico during our trip and hoping you will consider coming with our group then. You can check out the group details in our Profile here to see what we are about and who some of our members are. We will have special meet and greets (some themed),so everyone from our existing members, to our new Hot friends, can connect and start new relationships as soon as you get there. (a schedule will be sent to you before the trip) Already couples booked that are not here

Philadelphia PA
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TOPIC: Desire