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TOPIC: The AfterMidnight Club
Created by: ronlorj
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DECEMBER 31 – Aftermidnight Black-Tie event Celebrating our Evening with BiBabesNetwork. The BibabesNetwork join us in celebrating bisexuality in it’s most naughty and decadent form. This event you don’t want to miss! “New Years Eve at The AM Club” We will then continue the night away, until the wee hours of the morning. Ladies can change their eveningwear and dress down to your sexy attire. *Now that’s the way to start the New Years in Play. “The After Midnight Way” JANUARY 1 –Aftermidnight “Pajama Night” Join us in an evening of relaxation and mingle with new and old friends, after a long night of partying making new resolutions, out with the old, in with the new. Celebrate the New Years day in your PJ’s the Aftermidnight way.

Euless TX
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TOPIC: The AfterMidnight Club