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TOPIC: The AfterMidnight Club
Created by: ronlorj
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DECEMBER 10 – Aftermidnight Fantasy Friday Join us in our weekly meet and mingle Friday. Any registered couples on our website that RSVP on the website can enter the club at VIP membership rate of $15.00 per couple. Non-registered couples that are not VIP members will get in for the normal rate of $25.00.

DECEMBER 11 – “Pretty in Pink”-Toys for Tots Night Ladies this holiday bring out the sensual part of you in Pink, wear your sexiest pink attire to start off this holiday. Week two we continue Toys for Tot drive, any couple who donate an unwrapped toy will receive $5.00 at the door. Join us in our weekly newlywed game those who has participate had lots of fun and play the Aftermidnight way.

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TOPIC: The AfterMidnight Club