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TOPIC: Texas Hold 'em anyone
Created by: go4it1023
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LMAO ---- Nope, it's not a new sexual position, just an old poker game.

I play in a couple of different games on the weekends that have single males, single females, and couples that attend. This is not a swinger event, but just an all around good time. If you like to play poker and interested in meeting some new faces, send me a PM and I'll give you more info and a web site address. This game is in a private home. They do not take a rake from the pots. They do not charge admission. They have refreshments (non-alcoholic) available, but you can bring your own, and just ask that you make a donation if you feel it is appropriate.

I would love to have an opportunity to meet some of you from around this area in a completely non-sexual environment. I have generally had good luck with people I meet once we can get over the "married/looking" hurdle. Even if you aren't interested in meeting later, it is still nice to make new friends that have things in common.

I can also be found on Yahoo IM as go4it1023 and have the same name as a yahoo e-mail address.

Arlington TX
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TOPIC: Texas Hold 'em anyone