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FORUMSEventsTexasPBX's Party !!!@ Friday(3-29-2013)
TOPIC: PBX's Party !!!@ Friday(3-29-2013)
Created by: pbx2013
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Location: Irving/Dallas Type: House's party

PBX is a group of people who enjoy the lifestyle the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Everyone in this group is about fun, safety, excitement, and acceptance of everyone. We enjoy the lifestyle every Friday and Saturday, come join us. Here in this group you will find active couples and singles in the lifestyle and people who want to find other active couples & singles in the lifestyle.

So come on out and get you your sex on!!!

All parties are BYOB, all soda, juices and hot/cold buffet will be provided. Come mix, mingle, eat drink and play! Whether it is to meet some new people, see some old friends, watch or participate, everyone is welcome to attend. You must be 21 and ready to party when you come. Single males must be sponsored by a couple. If you are unable to be sponsored please call and we will see if we can accommodate.

Party hours are from 8:30 pm till the last person goes home. New couples, single females and males must arrive before 11pm. Guest who have attended before, the doors lock at midnight. If unable to make it by midnight, you must make arrangements in advance.

We ask all guests to respect that PBX is always a no pressure environment. No always means No whether you are female or male. Simply call to get on the guest list to attend the party.

For major events we suggest you sign up early, even if not sure you can make it. Then if unable to attend for any reason you can cancel.

For additional information call 214-677-2467 or 817-323-0609. Leave message if no answer and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Welcome to our House's party !!!!


Irving TX
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TOPIC: PBX's Party !!!@ Friday(3-29-2013)