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FORUMS Events Pennsylvania ceasers cove haven oct 29-31
TOPIC: ceasers cove haven oct 29-31
Created by: mikejenn The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Hi Mike & Jenn. First, no we will not be at Cove Haven, but I did want to tell you a little of our experience there, in case this is your first time...

We dropped in at Cove Haven for a weekend a couple of years ago, on a whim, while coming home from a vacation in Maine. We found the place to be... interesting... At first we thought the place had a lot of potential for play, but it turned out that everyone we met were really there for just each-other... more like a Honeymoon place than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, since it is billed as a sort of Honeymoon destination.

We found the room to be great. Nice fireplace, Jaccuzzi, and the starts over the bed were a nice touch. If you found some playmates it would be a good place to play... as long as you kept it indoors. You will probably need to hook up beforehand (as you are trying to do).

The big floorshow, hosted by some acerbic comedian, was somewhat funny, and is designed to be titillating. (Kinda like "Hedo-Lite", without the actual nudity and sex.) We ended up being picked for the Newlywed/Oldiewed game, and I am afraid we scandalized the place when we honestly recounted various details of our sexual exploits in response to the game's questions. As it turns out, we didn't win, but we were runners up. They offered us a return trip to play again in a Cesars'-wide competition, which we declined.

However, the kicker is this... the cost. For what you spend on two nights there, you can spend three nights at one of the classier all-inclusive Caribbean clubs... including nude facilities. There are also some great deals in Florida, especially right now as they are reeling from the loss of tourism. Might be a good time to look into flight deals to nudist spots down there...

But if you do go to Cove Haven, have fun! Tell that comedian that the couple with the Strap-on said Hi! ;-)

R & M

Hagerstown MD
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TOPIC: ceasers cove haven oct 29-31