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Created by: TABU_Social_Club
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Vegas Exchange 2013 & Crazy T-Shirt & Hat Night at TABU

This is your chance to wear that TOTALLY inappropriate T-Shirt or Hat that you can't wear anywhere else. The raunchier they are the better. Show your funny side in a Creative way.

Free Weekend Pass to the Funniest T-Shirt or Hat in the House determined by the volunteers.

Vegas Exchange is coming and we are ready to party, Are you ? Get set to party with lifestyle couples from all over the world! Known as The LifeStyle Event of the Decade, Vegas Exchange is the ultimate Lifestyle vacation for alternative lifestyle adult couples.

Tabu will be going to this amazing event and we will be holding several Pre parties. Each Party we will enter every guest in attendance for a chance to win 1 full convention package to be given away

We are also looking for a Tabu Lady to represent us at the actual event in Las Vegas August 7 - 11, 2013.

Ladies, this contest if ONLY for the creme de la creme. The winner will be competing among some of the Sexiest, Hottest and Drop Dead Gorgeous Ladies from around the country. This is a very different pageant contest then Tabu normally does.

If you would like to be considered you must send Vicki an email indicating that you want to be considered as a contestant. You must also include 2 Full length photo one front view and back view in a bathing suit or less. Please understand ladies that we are only considering a FEW ladies and please do not take offense if you are not selected to be a contestant. Email Vicki to be considered Exchange Tabu Contestant Consideration

Open 9 pm - 2 am

Tabu Events typically have 100 couples on Fridays and 150 or More on Saturday. We encourage our members to add their names to our Guest List but we never require it. So come party at the hottest parties around!

Baltimore MD
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