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TOPIC: Swinging made EZ~ The Erotic Zone's way
Created by: WickedlyWild1s2
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<b><font color=purple>Erotic Zone </b></font color=purple>

<b>Everyone is just awesome! Thank you for choosing the Erotic Zone in Dallas to come out and party! Another fabulous weekend, and ALL you wonderful participants in the GLOWING with Happiness Party! It was FABULOS seeing how (weg) everyone GLOWED!!Now here is the latest news tid bits!</b> <b>This Weekend !!!</b>

<b><font color=red>Friday, October 22 ~ </b></font color=red>regular party – Starts at 8 pm. Sug. Donation is $40.00 </b>

<b><font color=red>Saturday October 23 ~ </b></font color=red>Theme party nite!!!! Leather ~n~ lace. Bring out whatever makes you feel EROTIC! Be sexy, Be naughty, just be HERE for it ALL! ~grinz~

Party starts at 8 pm, suggested donation is $60.00 </b>

<b><h3><font color=green>Halloween Weekend!</b></h3></font color=green>

<b><font color=red>Friday October 29 ~ </b></font color=red>Regular party. The party starts at 8 pm. Suggested donation is $40</b>

<b><font color=red>Saturday October 30th ~ </b></font color=red>HALLOWEEN BLOW OUT!!! Suggested donation is $80 IN COSTUME or $100.oo without both of the couple in costume!</b>

<b>Do not <font color=red>MISS </b></font color=red>this EVENT!!!! This is one of the best of the best parties of the year. ALL the stops have been pulled out for this one! We will have wonderful delectable goodies for all of our Goblins and Ghouls! OVER<font color=red> $2,500 value </font color=red>in prizes to be awarded that night!! Only one prize can be awarded per couple.</b>

<b><font color=red>First Place All over Best Costume ~ $500.oo</b></font color=red>

<b>We will also be awarding prizes for these categories.</b>

<b><font color=red>Most Erotic</b></font color=red>

<b><font color=red>Most Outlandish</b></font color=red>

<b><font color=red>Most Original</b></font color=red>

<b><font color=red>Most Florescent</b></font color=red>

Be creative, be thinking and working on what you are going to come as for Halloween and call <b><font color=red>NOW</b></font color=red> for your spot on the growing reservation list! <b><font color=red>214-763-3087 or 214-763-3711</b></font color=red>

Also, come join our group at eroticzone@yahoogroups(dot)com or //groups(dot)yahoo(dot)com/group/eroticzone We would love to get to know you better!

Palestine TX
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TOPIC: Swinging made EZ~ The Erotic Zone's way