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FORUMSEventsOhioSweet Temptation Presents Candyland
TOPIC: Sweet Temptation Presents Candyland
Created by: TheSweetTemptation
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Got a craving for something sweet? Well then your in luck. Its time for Candyland! This event will be December 15th in Akron. We will be renting a 2 floor hotel suite for this event. The whole place will be turned into Candyland. Lots of decorations and goodies for you to enjoy.

This will be a smaller party to create a more intimate setting. Only couples and single females will be selected to attend. We will send out the invites about a week before with all the info on where the party is.

For this party, dress in bright colors! Short skirts, candy colored tops (fishnets maybe), and brightly colored socks work too (solid or candy striped) Be creative! Just be candy colored and sweet! Guys, you have it easy, wear black! That way, your Candy lady will shine!

Party Cost:

Couples $20

Single Females $10

No Single men allowed at this event.

Party starts at 8:00pm

Had so much fun at the first Candyland. Cant wait to make this one even more fun and exciting. More info will be posted as the event gets closer. If you have any questions at all feel free to send us (TheSweetTemptation) a message.

Chicago IL
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TOPIC: Sweet Temptation Presents Candyland