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FORUMSEventsNew YorkHAMPTONS PARTY!!!!!!!! 08-14-04
TOPIC: HAMPTONS PARTY!!!!!!!! 08-14-04
Created by: Lisexycpl4u
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Hello all pay attention, as this will all be on the midterm. we have been listening to you, so here is what we are doing for our next event. we will start at 5 pm, and go into the evening. as always we will have the most selective, genuine, attractive, and yummy couples. and the additions? -valet parking -fully bartended -fully catered -fully heated pool and jacuzzi -BYOB

this is a theme party, the theme being animal prints no, you cannot bring photos of your dogs wet footprints on the bathroom floor :P dress in prints, men included. be creative, show us your animal side.

for more details, please feel free to email us. with full body and face pics to garyev@optonlineDOTnet Best to RSVP early, so those on the waiting list will have to wish they were you. xoxoxx

Gary and the Russian babe :)

Hampton Bays NY
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TOPIC: HAMPTONS PARTY!!!!!!!! 08-14-04