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FORUMSEventsNew JerseyHUGE PARTY TONIGHT! - Nov 20th
Created by: XFrequentC
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When: Nov. 20th 2004 From: 8:00:00 PM - until - ??:00 AM Where: Bethlehem, PA

We've met so many nice attractive, intelligent, friendly couples in the lifestyle but we can never seem to get all of you in the same place at the same time. So here goes.... It's time to Meet & Mingle with new and old friends alike at [EMAIL US FOR THE EXACT LOCATION] Bethlehem, PA. Doors open at 8:00 with a $5.00 cover for anyone arriving past 9:00. We have a large section of the 2nd floor dedicated to this event. Let the door person know you are there for the Meet & Greet and they will direct you where to go. Dress to impress!

VERY SPECIAL After Party Info: We talked to our good friends at the New Club Karma Sutra, Lehigh Valley location and they are allowing us to use there facility for our after party event. Ready for the big news!? They did it for us for only $50 a couple and the INCLUDES A MEMBERSHIP to the club! (Note: This price ONLY applies to people attending the Nov. 20th Meet & Greet!) To find out more about Club Karma Sutra, Lehigh Valley visit their website at: clubkamasutra - dot - com PS - CKS Lehigh Valley is less than 10 minutes away from our Meet & Greet location

*IMPORTANT INFO* We already have over 300 confirmed guests so needless to say space is very limited. PLEASE do not be upset if we can't get you in we will do all that we can. Also, this event is for Couples and Single Females ONLY, you must be 21 years of age or older to attended and have a photo ON your profile - No Exceptions.

For even more info you can visit this site: (DO NOT type 3 w's before the address): members.aol [dot] com/_ht_a/craignzoe/nov20/invite.htm

Hope to see you there!

Craig and Zoe

Mayfield PA
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