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TOPIC: Come to the WMG 4-30-05
Created by: lockhaven_pa_couple
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WILLIAMSPORT MEET & GREET PAJAMA PARTY Ann & I will be sending out the invitations again for the Williamsport M&G at the Quality Inn on Rt. 15 in South Williamsport Confirm your invitation for the party at the WMG web site. This party is PRIVATE for SLS members ONLY. Any of your friends that want to attend MUST be sls members and contact for an invitation also. (( VERY IMPORTANT..YOU MUST HAVE AN INVITATION TO GET IN.)) ((NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!)) GENERAL INFORMATION

Date: 04/30/05

Theme: Pajama party

Place: Quality Inn. S. Williamsport

Time: 7:00pm until 2:00am The sooner you get there the more fun you will have.

Setting: NO pressure in a great lounge

Dress: casual OR pajama Cover: $10. a couple $6. for singles Room Rate: $55.00 ASK FOR THE WMG RATE (NOT) the sls rate. (570) 323-9801 There will be a limited number of rooms for this party Book a room ASAP if you need one. They will go fast.

Guest# : Your guest number will be on your invitation, please know your number


This M&G is like all the other ones we have put on, It will be a great time for all. No pressure in a casual setting. Our location has a PRIVATE ball room with a full service bar, BIG dance floor with all the lights, pool tables and lots of seats. Best of all you can book a room right on site go to your room and play then come back to the party if you want to. There will also be some foods that are included in your cover. You will be responsible for your drinks and room costs if you choose to stay.

INVITATIONS: We will start to send them out the first week of April. You MUST have an invitation to be admitted into the party NO exceptions. If this party fills up like the last one you will be put on a waiting list in the order you confirm that you want to attend. The WMG website is .....wmptmng (dot)sytes (dot)net You can also find the link in the clubs listing right here on sls. Just click clubs on the left side of the main page then PA we are wmg listing. Sign in and say hello , use our forums or check out some pics of the other WMG parties.

Hope to see you on April 30th at the party Patrick & Ann (lockhaven_pa_couple)

Lock Haven PA
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TOPIC: Come to the WMG 4-30-05