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FORUMSEventsNew JerseyCocktail Party- MeetGreet-Diner Party-Comedy Night-Hotel Party All in One
TOPIC: Cocktail Party- MeetGreet-Diner Party-Comedy Night-Hotel Party All in One
Created by: CuteNYCouple
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Hello everyone . .

IntimateParties presents; Cocktail Party/ Meet&Greet/Diner Party/Comedy Night/Hotel Party . . All in One. Date; Saturday October 6th, Event From 8pm to Midnight then Hotel Party Until Until You Past out. Location; Event- Lounge in Hazlet, NJ , Hotel Party- 50 Feet from Lounge This party is for couples and single ladies ONLY.

This party is perfect for new and also experience ones and the ones in between.

New couples need guidance and experienced couple love to give it..lol

This is a Zero pressure Event and any one pressuring others will be asked to leave; and like always "NO" means "NO" and "stay the hell away from me", lol

Come Get Some!!!!! -Great Restaurant all you can eat buffet, Cold and Hot food. -3 Comedians -Dress Code Ladies dress as sexy as you dare and gentlemen dress to impress. -Full Cash bar -Great Music -Cozy Private Lounge Just for Us -Comedy show starts at around 9pm -Will have a guitar player(waiting to confirm) -Lounge Setting -Big Private Parking lot -Location Very convenient from all mayor highways -Free Hotel Party 50 feet away after Event Ends.

We have done this same event a few times and it always gets booked up quick and we run out of spots bc we really try our best to think about everyone attending and every ones specific needs so we get booked up fast please don't wait to long to reserve bc we hate to reject people that wait until the last minute but it always happens , the Hotel Party will start just before the event ends and we will hand out room number to couples interested in attending it for free..but some couples get together at the hotels and get their own room, some for orgies with other couples. ..so you can even include hotel parties with after event with all the rest that is going on..

Party Starts at 8pm and show Starts at 9pm, Last about an Hour or so and the Event Ends at midnight then off to the Free Hotel Party.

Donation $40 per couple, ladies $20 .. (take advantage of Donation discount by helping to promote this party via your tag line prior to Oct 6th . Will give you back $5.00 at the event,.it really helps and attract more people for you to meet . .) This is an Off premises event Location is Route 35 in Hazlet NJ Complete Address will be given ones donations has been confirm.

Why make your donation in advance?..... so we know for sure who is coming and who is not, how much food to cook or buy also make sure we don't end up booking a place to small or to big for all of us, lol and most importantly; to separate the serious people from the fakes.


We were not able to Accommodate 15 Couples for our last event bc our Space is limited So Please Please Please Reserve your spot Right away and don't wait until last minute..We know most of you don't like to include your name on the attending list but for some of you that don't mind adding your name to the list; after you confirming your spot please include your name to our SLS group "IntimateParties"..

Looking forward to meeting all of you..

Hugs and Kisses

Maddy And Joe

Port Monmouth NJ
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TOPIC: Cocktail Party- MeetGreet-Diner Party-Comedy Night-Hotel Party All in One