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TOPIC: Swingers Get Together
Created by: bernie1977
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Hey All,

I been punting around this idea for awhile. I was in Tennessee for a month and half. I have attended the many of the swingers social gatherings. Had a great time with great people. now that Im back in Missouri, I would like to recreate that atmosphere here. If anyone wanna help me get the ball rolling or have some good sound advice, feel free to voice them. The rules I would have are the standard no mean no, respect everyone, and no pressure to or from anyone. this would have to be in the Kansas city area to sedelia. I would try to hold it in my place.. but its only a two bedroom apartment, great for one or two couples, maybe three but after that, crowded isn't the word for it. Yes I am a single guy, but I'm the kind a person that loves to hang with peeps outside of bed. Im in it for social gathering.... ok bed is optional but not my priority. Let me know what you all think.

Warrensburg MO
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TOPIC: Swingers Get Together