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FORUMSEventsMinnesotaWiney BITCH's Ladies only Party April 27
TOPIC: Winey BITCH's Ladies only Party April 27
Created by: dbledwn4u
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(Babe In Total Control of Herself) Relax and meet like-minded women, Make long lasting friendships, Playrooms available, Massage Table and Sybian rides. Sip - Socialize - Play - Relax WHO'S INVITED: Girls Only (sorry guys that means you can’t cum) – bi or straight. This is a social organization and not-so-secret wine society for women who enjoy raising a glass or two with like-minded friends. Our parties are a time to relax, break away from the daily stress and socialize with an amazing group of connected and beautiful women who like to get together, meet new friends, throw our heads back, kick up our heels (usually nice ones), drink some delicious wine and have some sexual fun. WHEN: Saturday, April 27, 2013 starts at 7:30 pm and goes until ??? You MUST arrive before 8:30 pm unless you receive prior permission. WHERE: Close to Annandale/Clearwater area. Email with directions will be sent out to those that have contacted me and register by Thursday, 4/25/13. BRING: Bring your own wine glass, a bottle of wine, beverage of choice and/or an appetizer (or both would be fab!). Format of the event is such that all wine/drinks and food are pooled in a common area for group sampling. COST: Nothing, just bring your own tasting glass, a bottle of wine, beverage of choice and/or appetizer. Be Friendly and Courteous: Treat everyone with respect and sensitivity. Be nice but not pushy. You can talk and flirt but NEVER assume. Make your desires known to others and they will do the same to you. Everyone is here to have a good time! Keep an open mind: This is a gathering of open-minded women. You may find that many others have the same desires and fantasies as you have, or you may be able to share another woman's ideas too! You never can tell where this may lead. Alcohol: If you drink, go easy on it. Nothing can ruin an evening of meeting new friends more than someone who is drunk. If you desire to drink, you are encouraged to bring something for others to sample. R.S.V.P. Please contact your host as soon as you decide to attend a party and register to attend. Space is limited as this is a private house party. Also, please be a responsible person and call or email, as soon as you find you need to cancel. Be prepared to have a great time: It is very normal to be nervous. Please just relax, talk to the others and try to have a great time. Wear something sexy and comfortable. Bring a small bag that has everything you may want to wear or use during the party. Don't forget an outfit to go home in. Dress Sexy: Optional but encouraged. Casual cocktail, flirty fun or just come straight from work. Clean up after yourself: If you use an area, please clean up after yourself; be considerate of someone else who may follow you into this area. Playrooms: If the door is closed, do not enter. Some rooms will be open to all and some will be for a more intimate private play. Remember to ask if you can join in, even in an open room

Annandale MN
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TOPIC: Winey BITCH's Ladies only Party April 27