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FORUMSEventsMinnesotaAnnual Halloween Party!
TOPIC: Annual Halloween Party!
Created by: twostr842
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When : Oct 30th

Time : 8pm

Where ; The Haunted House of the Engelbrechts

Once again it is time to gather all Witches, Ghosts, Goules and creatures of every sort for a fun, sexy and often times strange party!

Dress in your best Halloween attire, for there will be prizes for the Best Costume, Sexiest Costume, Strangest Costume.

As we did before we give out play money as you come through the door and you earn more as you go through the night. At MIDNIGHT there will be an auction and you can bid on FUN, SEXY and Kinky Prizes!

We provide beer, wine, some booze, pop and snacks, We ask you to bring a snack to share.

Please RIP ( opps RSVP) If you want to come as space is limited.

This is an ADULT party! So be aware or beware. LOL

Belle Plaine MN
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TOPIC: Annual Halloween Party!