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FORUMSEventsMarylandTime for Yet Another Party!!
TOPIC: Time for Yet Another Party!!
Created by: ASPWebSlave
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Let's try and get a big turnout!!

When: Saturday evening, August 7, 2004 Where: Aberdeen, Maryland Cost: Ladies and Couples - Free, Single Guys - $20

I haven't had a big party in a few weeks so it's time to it again. This post will go in several groups that I belong to so we can get a good turnout.

I'm going to front all the expenses so we don't have to deal with sending money ahead of time. Here's how I run things.

1) Express your interest in a one-line e-mail to aspwebslave at yahoo dot com.

2) Don't ask any questions like how many women will be there - I have three confirmed so far. Don't ask if you can see pictures of the women, etc. Check it out in person or don't.

3) Don't reply to the group or this post - you must send an e-mail! I don't check the groups very often and I'm not going to dig around looking for your message.

4) I will confirm that I received your e-mail sometime late Thursday or early Friday. This e-mail will confirm that the party is on and contain the hotel information and exact timeframe. If you don't get an e-mail by Friday evening, e-mail me again.

I know whoever shows up will have lots of fun. If you show up and don't like what you see, just turn and go. (One guy did that last time.)

That's it, pretty simple. Let's have some fun!!!

Willingboro NJ
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TOPIC: Time for Yet Another Party!!