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TOPIC: Meet and Greet
Created by: coulee The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Little_Butterfly: We are glad you were able to have a good time while staying in New Orleans. I would have been surprised if you would have encoutered racial problems while in the greater New Orleans Area. My limited experience, most people in this lifestyle do not care about your race or creed. Most just care about having a good time and let everyone enjoy themselves. My only sour experience has been dealing with a person who thought most of us embrace this lifestyle to fill his needs. Of course the world probably revolves around him also. Fortunately according to my calculations he would constitute less than 1% of the hedonistic population and shrinking. Most of us would gladly walk away from his type. At this time we live in the northshore and have found a warm reception by others of like mind. So, feel free to come back and enjoy the area. M&J

Covington LA
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TOPIC: Meet and Greet