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TOPIC: lifestyle party for a cause
Created by: cantwait55
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Subject lifestyle party for a cause

We are having a lifestyle party at Olivia’s on December 13. It is a benefit for a couple who is in the lifestyle that have been living the American dream and from circumstances beyond their control and due to an injury have had their life’s turned upside down. I will not in this notice name them or where they are from due to discretion. If you don’t already know who they are send me a private message and I will clue you in.

This is our chance to show what we are always chatting about Friendship and Caring for our fellow lifestylers.

How A party at Olivia’s in Tea South Dakota on Dec 13 at 7pm -1 am. If you have never been to Olivia’s before, it is an adult store in the front and a theater in the rear. It is a new well lit establishment . We will be having a silent auction (guys you will be able to do your holiday shopping for a good cause) and some fun games and contests. We will end the auction at 10 pm and after that it will just be a regular meet and greet. The management will donate all the entrance fees. We will open this to single guys as long as you bring a copy of your profile from one of the lifestyle sites. Please tell all your friends and lets help a family in our season of giving. Cantwait555

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TOPIC: lifestyle party for a cause