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FORUMSEventsIowaCum Slut(s) Reunion
TOPIC: Cum Slut(s) Reunion
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Announcing Our Up Coming “Cum Slut(s) Reunion” Mega Porn Party!. In Association With The “BAREFUNCPL4U” We’re Bringing Back By Popular Demand, Couples & Single Females From ALL Over The Country…Who Have Attended Our Past “Cum Slut” Party Theme. Because This Will Be A MEGA Party, It Will Be Held At One Of Our Area’s Swing Club With Which We Normally Do Business. Attendance Is FREE Of Cover Charges (As Are All Of Our Parties), But We Still Need An Accurate “Head” Count. Those Couples & Single Females Who Would Like To Join Us For A Night Of HOT Sex, MUST RSVP Us At our Profile OR The BAREFUNCPL4U’s Profile With Your Name(s) NO LETTER ABREVIATIONS…Starting Today To Be Added To Our Guest List & Receive FULL Detail. We Will ONLY Accept Guests On A First-Come-First-Served Basis.

Old Greenwich CT
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TOPIC: Cum Slut(s) Reunion