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TOPIC: Thursday Night Meet Ups (northern Illinois)
Created by: tantric_explorer
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Hi everybody, There is going to be another thursday night lifestyle gathering (meet up) at the bar "R Office" in Ingleside IL THIS THURSDAY, October 6th. It is informal in that there is no strict timetable, so go anytime. Some people may be there as early as 7:00, but most of the folks meeting will be there between 9:00 and 12:00 midnight.

People are asking how many people are showing up to the thursday night gatherngs. That is hard to say as there is a bit of flux during the evening. These are NOT like AFF parties where you have a jamb of 50 people packed in for a few hours. This is a smaller place, a little more intimate, and after the band quits playing can even be quiet. So in terms of how many will be there at any moment, there may be 2 or maybe 10 at a moment. Last week there were about 20 that came and went during the course of the evening.

What we are trying to do with these Thursday night events is develop a regular schedule of at least 2 nights a month. The purpose of the gatherings is to create a social event for "real" lifestyle people where they can get to know people and make dates for the weekend.

The events at AFF are fun but most of the people atending are using AFF as a dating service and are not really swingers. So the people we are inviting come from SwingLifeStyle, Swappernet, some AFF folks, and friends.

Everyone invited falls into one of three classes; experienced active swingers, friends that have been in the ifestyle a while and are now more what you would call "selective" swingers, or people that we identfy as newbies that are investigating the lifestyle.

These are a no presure social events, so people can come, relax and meet people. In particular, it gives those newbies among us (we were all newbies once) the chance to talk to experienced swingers and get REAL valid information about the lifestyle, without having to jump in bed with someone.

Please Note..... this is a local bar and there will be lots of locals there. That means that not everyone is a swinger.

The bar is located 3/4 of a mile east of Rt 12 on IL-134. Ask the bartender Cheryl to point out and AFFers (most of the swingers that come are originally from AFF). Or you can ask for Jeff.

PS... we are trying to put together a group to go to the Club Adventure Halloween Ball on Saturday the 29th. If you would like to join our group, do NOT wait till thursday to tell us. Contact us as soon as possible so you can get reservations. No single men are allowed at the party, sorry not our rule. Single women can attend escorted by our group.

Wonder Lake IL
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TOPIC: Thursday Night Meet Ups (northern Illinois)