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FORUMSEventsFloridaSTD testing
TOPIC: STD testing
Created by: Goodhead469
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Those of you that are sexually active with multiple partners should be tested on a regular basis. Here to help in Jacksonville, Florida area.

On the last Wednesday of each month the Duval County Health Department will have representatives at Club Jacksonville 1939 Hendricks Ave. in the San Marco area from 5:00 PM to 9:00PM they will do any or all of the STD tests that you would like to have including the new Rapid HIV test which will give you your results back in about 15 minutes. This service is free and open to anyone that wants to be tested. again it is FREE and Confidential.

For those in other places that would like to find a place to get tested you can always go to the CDC.GOV web site and type in your zip come to get a list of test sites available.

Jacksonville FL
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TOPIC: STD testing