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FORUMSEventsDelawareAdult Invitational Party II
TOPIC: Adult Invitational Party II
Created by: electriclab60
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Adult Invitational Party II

There is (1) one definite lady coming to play.

The party will kick off at 9 PM Friday October 22nd.

This party will go till the lady (s) are done. Some ladies couples will be showing up a little later this is OK as it will keep things going.

I suggest the ladies and gents bring something to cover up (something sexy ladies if ya can) if you are not in the game at certain times.

I suggest bringing a bag with a towel and what ever else you need to clean up as there will not be enough with all the people coming.

OK boys and girls, here is some more information for you. Please e-mail me back with "Adult Invitational Party" in the subject when you get this so I know you are still interested.

The exact place, room # and directions will be e-mailed to you the afternoon of the 22nd.

This one will be in Camden County / Berlin, Atco area.

Come watch or come play!!!!!!! READ THIS TO THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read every word, ask stupid questions and you will be deleted.

It will be by invitation only. South Jersey Area. Camden or Burlington County area, within 20 min of the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman Bridges. Single women and couples ALLWAYS invited. Cost $10.00 for Males. This is a cost for admission. NOT a payment for sex. If a lady does not want you near her you wont get near her.

Guys clip your, nails, wash your hands, bathe, brush your teeth, shave, you are asking a lady for a real treat, act like it. If you smell we will turn ya right around.

You will be given a password (no one will be given the same, and numbers will NOT be sequential so don’t try to bullshit) bring your e-mail and password written down.

Do NOT give out your password or you and the person you gave it to will not be allowed in.

Ladies also need an invitation unless escorted by a male that has one.

Ladies need an invitation only because the location and directions will not be posted but e-mailed to you directly.

Males DO NOT say you are bringing a lady and show up alone, you will NOT get in.

Ladies you can say you are bringing a husband, friend, BF etc. and not we really don’t care about him.

There will be escorts for the ladies. To the Gentlemen (and you had all better be) NO means NO, get out of line you will be escorted out and you will NOT return.

Every woman will have her own rules. BJ, sex, anal, cum on me, don’t cum on me, 1,2,3,4,5 at a time or 1 at a time, Bukkake, condoms for sex you will be told as you approach her wills wants and rules.

NO drugs

Clementon NJ
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TOPIC: Adult Invitational Party II