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TOPIC: Boat-n-Beach raft-up July 9th
Created by: BooNShip
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The Swinger's Boat & Beach Raft-up is on!!

Date: Saturday July 9th, 2005 Where: NorthEast, Md - on the scenic upper Chesapeake Bay Who: Couples & Single females only Cost: Free!!

For Boat owners & Non-boat owners:

We're promoting this to quite a few states up-n-down the east coast..

Break out the bikini, thong, shorts or whatever you dare to wear (or not wear!) and come along for an all swinger's Raft-up in a quiet cove on the upper Chesapeake bay.

Non-Boat owners: Shuttle boats will pick you up at the drop-inpoint and bring you back when you're ready to leave. Completely free of charge!

Boat owners: The raft-up is open to all shapes, sizes, and types. Trailer it, cruise it, have it hauled, it doesn't matter. We would like to have you raft-up for a wild time on the water.

The best way to find out about the event and all of the info you need, is to click on our profile nickname on the left, then Click The "Swinger's Boat & Beach Raft-up" link under Boo's default photo.

Port Carbon PA
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TOPIC: Boat-n-Beach raft-up July 9th