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TOPIC: ABC ~ Anything But Clothes Party
Created by: scarletranch
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Saturday, May 12th!

at Scarlet Ranch

Simple…Beautiful….Erotic ~ Scarlet Ranch's Anything but clothes frolic festival of love & lust! Let your mind & body experience this wonderful event that is anything but boring! Girls in nothing but caution tape (or nothing at all), maybe a very, very mini dress of feathers or something made of transparent wrap?

This is sure to be a fun & sexy carnival of love & lust!

We will have some beautiful prizes for those that are brave enough to participate and as always, you do not have to, but then again what fun is a party if you don't let your inner desires run wild!

For those undecided, there is always Body Paint by the Artist Kelsie as well as a couple of our beautiful hosts to help you with a costume once you arrive at Scarlet Ranch

Our events are not SLS only. Members and Non-Members are ALWAYS welcome, so bring a friend, or two, or three! RSVP is requested, but not required. You never have to be on a list to attend!

Scarlet Ranch is a BYOB venue. Bring your own bottle(s), give them to the bartender, they serve you your drinks all night. Most basic mixers are provided at no extra charge. This saves you a lot considering what drinks cost from a normal bar!

Littleton CO
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TOPIC: ABC ~ Anything But Clothes Party