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FORUMSEventsCanadaHedonistiXXX 40 Party-Dance Friday March 28th!
TOPIC: HedonistiXXX 40 Party-Dance Friday March 28th!
Created by: JustineandKurt
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we will be there

Chilliwack Canada
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Host: Justine Location: Location to be sent to your e mail with more details after verification. Burnaby, When: Friday, March 28, 8:00PM - 1:00 am

Cost: $20.00 per person

Hedonism 4.0 Home Away From Home Dance/ Party, with all you special guests, The Hedonistixxx In The City!

It is my hubby Kurt's "4.0" he would love to spend it nowhere other than our favourite adult playground Hedonism III, Jamaica, our "home away from home", with his friends. We know he wouldn't be able to have his cake and eat it too, so I am bringing the vibes of Hedo here.

he-don-ism: Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses, mind, spirit, body, and soul.

I was thinking about another pleasure of his which is also being around like minded people in the lifestyle and the openness that it brings. I thought ok well go big or go home and thought I would open this party up to all our friends and everyone in the lifestyle.

Then came the venue. I needed a place that would tolerate us and let us have the privacy we would need, so I chose a hotel in Burnaby where many other sexy couples have met some great new friends, which also happens to be our first lifestyle dance .This isn't going to be a typical dance. This is going to be a dance yes because we will have a DJ who does Porn Industry Parties, but it will be more of a party.

The theme is Hedonism so we will be playing hilarious Hedo games from name that tune, find your mate, fake orgasm contests and more to get the night going and get the crowd going. Who knows maybe there will be some body shots later as well....

For more info on this event PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN OUR MAILBOX or call me number below and I will send you more info.

All names and address will be kept TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL!

We will have great door prizes & lots of fun surprises, and I will keep you updated with a list of the prizes within the next few weeks as we are still working out the details of the prizes.

We have worked out a deal on rooms for this event and are told they have quite a few bookings so if you want a room here to party with all the after partiers, or just a place to crash after, you may want to do your reservation soon.

Of course all the usual swingers etiquette applies!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me 604 537 1419 but dont mention it if hubby answers phone. Tickets ar going real fast!

Vancouver Canada
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TOPIC: HedonistiXXX 40 Party-Dance Friday March 28th!