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FORUMSEventsArizonaSeductive Syngery's 'House of Seven Heavens' Party
TOPIC: Seductive Syngery's 'House of Seven Heavens' Party
Created by: dirty_little_secret
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Hey Everyone!!! Seductive Synergy is back at it... With your hosts Dirty_Little_Secret!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Ragin Cajun Sexy Summer Bash!! We had such a blast meeting so many new friends! We hope to see you all here at our next adventure!!! This time we are stepping it up a notch on July 21st with the Seductive Synergy's 'House of Seven Heavens' party! This one is going to be one for the record books!

Held at a beautiful 5500sq ft estate in Gilbert with plenty of privacy for us to socialize and play!(Val Vista and Baseline) This party will feature 7 unique and exciting play area's to satisfy all your erotic desires!

Get ready for: The 'Eyes Wide Shut' Chamber - You may need a drink before this one! The 'Sex Swing' Room! The Glory Hole Adventure! The 'Outdoor Massage' Experience! The 'Porn' Room! The 'Under the Stars' Play Balcony! The 'Advanced Play' Room - This may not be for the beginners!!

We also have a ton of area for socializing and getting to know each other! A Huge lagoon style pool, 7 person jacuzzi, 2 fire pits, Pool Table and of course an outdoor dance foor with a DJ! Not to mention some amazing giveaways from our friend and sponsor Personal Preference in Mesa!! There will be something for EVERYONE! This is designed for any couple at any level to get involved and have a great lifestyle experence! You are welcome to just be a voyer and watch or get involved in one or all the rooms!!

This party is BYOB of course! We will supply plenty of mixers, ice and finger foods. Please feel free to dress as sexy as you would like. This party is private and is clothing optional! The pool is open all night so please bring towels and anything else you may need (Condoms of course!). Swim suits are not required. We have tons of area's to store bags or changes of clothes.

This party will require registration to attend. Please sign up via SLS and we will contact you regarding address information.

There will be a donation to the house for this event: Couples: $25.00 Single Males: $50.00 (limited amount and must be approved to attend) Single Females: free

Garden Grove CA
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TOPIC: Seductive Syngery's 'House of Seven Heavens' Party