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TOPIC: SEFC Meet Greet
Created by: azroticcpl
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Join local valley members of this site and other Lifestyle sites plus people who own Lifestyle related business' for an informal Meet& Greet and learn more about the Sexual Expression Freedom Coalition and find out more about what this organization is doing to protect Lifestyle related freedoms here in Phoenix.

WHERE: The Sunshine Hotel and Suites 3600 N 2nd Avenue Phoenix, Az.

WHEN: Tuesday October 19th, 2004

FROM: 7PM - 10PM

A no-host bar and light snacks will be provided as you mingle with some very fun, sexy, involved people who are looking out for your interests and the interests of all members of the Lifestyle.

For more information contact us at this site.

Scottsdale AZ
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TOPIC: SEFC Meet Greet