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FORUMSEventsArizonaFor Ladies Only! Sorta
TOPIC: For Ladies Only! Sorta
Created by: azroticcpl
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Hey Ladies! This one’s for us!

The long awaited “Ladies Night” Cigar Social is finally here

Our sexy friend Patricia came up with this one! She’s put together a great evening for us to learn about and enjoy Fine Cigars in a very Elegant setting while we enjoy Fine Wine, delicious munchies and more. We’ll be able to mingle with all of our sexy friends and playmates in the Card Room where a game or two could break out, or as we wander through this wonderful shop and get to know new friends!

SORRY GUYS Unless you get invited by one of the Attendee’s this isn’t for you. It’s just for us girls to be girls so ….if you’re not on the list. Ya ain’t comin’ in!

Speaking of Lists! Ladies please RSVP on this one so we know how much food and drink to plan for.

The Place: AMBASSADOR FINE CIGARS 4912 E. SHEA BLVD. #128 (NE Corner of Tatum & Shea)

The Date: Wednesday July 27th The Time: 7PM – 10PM

Please do not contact the Shop. They left the planning to us and don’t have any idea what we’ve organized.

See you there!

Scottsdale AZ
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TOPIC: For Ladies Only! Sorta