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TOPIC: Club Chameleon Trial Update
Created by: azroticcpl
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“All Rise…” The waiting is almost over. “Court 506 is now in session. The Honorable Judge Berry is presiding” My mind is racing with all of the things I should have said or done when I had the opportunity. I feel like I hadn’t done anything at all to help the situation. I ran my entire testimony through my head as I sat down and watched the proceedings unfold before me while Milo Fencl, my friend and the owner of, the now closed, Club Chameleon sat in front of me, squirming, awaiting the worst and knowing it still might not be over after this because he was served with another charge when he showed up this morning. There were only a handful of us in the courtroom while the attorney’s did their dance and tried to prove how nice or evil Milo was and plead their case for the type of sentence they would like to hear from the judge. The people who had expressed such outrage that he was sentenced at all and promised to be there to stand by him were no-shows. Their absence was conspicuous by the empty seats and the deafening silence those seats represented. Among those who were not there were event planners around the city who either directly or indirectly owed their existence to Club Chameleon. Members of the club, past and present, were also nowhere to be found citing the usual series of excuses about why they didn’t want people to know they were swingers. The press was also not there. Their excuse is that it’s not newsworthy anymore and the swing community doesn’t even step up and say anything when trials like this happen …so why should the press? Tonights news will cover a, still raging, brush fire, the traffic trying to get out of town for the holiday weekend, how poorly the local sports teams are doing….and little else. Nothing will be said about a man who has spent his life savings to give fellow swingers a quality venue and is now in jeopardy of being locked up for the next six months. After about an hour and a half of verbal dueling and the impassioned pleas of a few who dared show up for the proceedings the judge took a brief recess to collect her thoughts and determine what to do. At a few minutes before 11:00 she handed down this sentence. Three years probation, an $18,000.00 fine, and the agreement that Milo cannot be associated with, or receive proceeds from, any type of business that falls under the parameters of Phoenix City Ordinance 23-54. The Prosecuting Attorney was hugely disappointed that he didn’t get, at least 90 days of, the six months in jail as well or at least have it held over his head. She was also a little angry that the judge didn’t issue stricter guidelines regarding the types of business’ Milo could participate in. That didn’t keep her from smirking and muttering “Oh well… one down and six to go.” on her way out of the door. An interesting statement since there are only two clubs still operating in the valley. Milo Fencl is a free man. No thanks to the people and the lifestyle he has so graciously and respectfully served and hosted for the past nine years. A battle has been lost, but the war is far from over. Milo is tired and broke. He has no more fight in him. The next move is ours…

Scottsdale AZ
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TOPIC: Club Chameleon Trial Update