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The Inquisitor (Chapter 9)

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Daylight found the princess alone once again, and another grand breakfast awaited her. The princess discovered she was ravenous, and quickly devoured a portion of gr*pes,

before sampling some soft cheeses and breads. When she had sated her hunger, she again busied herself about her chambers, perusing her lovely selection of wonderful gowns.

Though she selected a soft luxurious amber gown, she remained naked, merely laying the gown out for later. She knew the chime would soon follow the morning's meal. She anxiously awaited them, having bade her servant to leave behind the previous evening's toy.

Soon enough, the chimes tolled, and she nearly leapt to the bed to enjoy them. She found herself already wet from just the sounds of the chimes. Greedily her fingers played as the

chimes sounded. In and out went fingers, sometimes coming to her lips and tongue to be licked and further wetted, before sliding back inside.

As the chimes continued, she displayed her new skills with the Inquisitor's device, swallowing it's size into herself, only to withdraw it, and slide it in once again. Soon her fingers worked her clit as she fucked the massive device, and just as the chimes began to fade, she came around it's massive girth. Failing breathless against her pillows. As she lay recovering, she marveled at how excited the sound of the chimes had made her, and how she'd relished the pleasure her fingers, and the new toy, had illicited.

No sooner had her breathing slowed than the maid entered, urging the princess to her waiting bath. "Come my princess," she chirped. "You were to be bathed last night, and were not. Let us not disobey."

Once in the bath chambers, the princess playfully bade the maid to join her, ready for her touches once again. But the maid was all business this morning, and would not be distracted. Though she entered the waters to bathe the princess, she allowed only small touches and caresses, lest they become entangled again.

Though the maid did not pleasure the princess as in other bathings, she did allow her to suckle her milky breasts

for a time, before shooing the princess from the waters, bidding her dress quickly.

Soon enough, the maid had the princess dressed in her new amber gown, and upon surveying her handiwork, decided to shower the princess with soft kisses, before laying

on a hint of sweet fragrance to the princess's graceful neck.

"I am sorry I cannot accompany you this day, my lady." purred the maid. "I have my own lessons to attend, and much to do. The master has granted you run of the castle today, and you may go where you wish and discover new places on your own. I will return this evening, and we shall practice the lessons your learned last eve, but until then, I must retire."

As she turned to go, a notion struck her, and turning again to the princess, she said, "Remember, the Queen knows of you. She may find you today. Do not forget my warnings. Above all, remember your oaths."

With these last words, she quickly turned and the princess was again alone in her chambers, content, but more than a bit confused by the maid's hurry.

The time ticked slowly, and the princess decided to busy herself about the castle. Softly she crept through the darkened chamber of delights, before heading up the long winding stair, and once again into the bright sunlight. She strolled through the courtyard garden, taking note of each flower, and each bloom.

The air was filled with delicious fragrances, and she drank them all in. She once again regarded the golden tower, and its strange

markings, but could make no more sense of them than before. She even stole a quick glance towards it's dark opposite, but did not linger long.

Again, she wound her way through passages, up grand staircases, and into new rooms. All at once she found herself in a grand room, lined with great books from floor to ceiling. Up high ran a catwalk round the upper shelves, with a gilded ladder on wheels, running along a track at its base.

She strolled along the shelves, her fingers running along the volumes' spines, stopping every so often to read a title or two. Though the library was filled with books of all description, she found not one like the books in her own chambers. These books held forgotten lore, drawings of strange animals, histories and

legends. She even came across ancient scrolls and books filled with spells and incantations, some filled with light, yet others coursing with dark magick.

It was among these she books she received quite a shock. Rounding a large stack of volumes placed on a low table, she nearly crashed headlong into a dark figure.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, nearly falling over. Quick as shot, the stranger's hand grasped her waist, and steadied her.

"Ah." he said. "A thousand apologies, m'lady. I did not mean to startle you so."

Regaining her footing, she stood back to regard the stranger. He was a young man, perhaps even younger than herself. He was tall and strongly built. He had a very handsome face, and bore jumbled wavy yellow locks. He wore a soft turquoise tunic,

and a thick leather belt. From it hung a jeweled dagger and scabbard, and round his neck he wore a strange golden amulet, hung from a chain of gold links.

Though he seemed friendly and kind, a small alarm sounded within her, but just as quickly vanished. He flashed a brilliant smile, and gave a small bow. She returned a small curtsy as he replaced a small book to the shelf.

"Good morrow, my lord." she said, heart still beating a bit fast from her surprise. "I did not know anyone was in here. I am sorry to have disturbed you."

"Oh, quite the contrary my dear!" he intoned. "It was dreadfully morose in these rooms, and you have brought a great light in with you."

Something about his face struck familiar, but she could not catch it, and it too faded immediately. He had pale blue eyes that gaily reflected the soft color of his tunic. He had a voice of silk, and moved with a quiet elegance. The princess at once spotted him for noble blood.

Bowing again, he introduced himself. :"I am Tarquinne." he said. Remembering her instructions, she expressed pleasure at their meeting. Most intriguing he had not asked for her name, but the moment escaped. She could tell by his garb and clothes he was no mere guard, nor even a courtier, but she did not press for information, as she was reticent to divulge any of her own.

"I have just arrived last night from another realm." he continued. "I rode nearly the entire night, to warn of an approaching force." To this news, the princess let out a tiny gasp. Though she had only been here a short time, the thought of a siege on the castle chilled her very marrow.

Seeing her distress, he soothed, "Fear not m'lady. I beheld the force with mine own eyes. They are not strong in numbers or weaponry, and their banners proclaim them as stewards, It is the opinion of the council that they come not for war, but to broker trade. My own scouts have searched the land 'round their column, and have spied no others lying in ambush or reserve."

"Are they already at the city gates?" she asked, the news of strange visitors piquing her curiousity.

"No, m'lady." he answered with a slight chuckle. "I rode in haste after observing them, and a column such as this moves very slowly. They most likely will not reach the castle til tomorrow eve. But even then, they will only send messengers before them. An armed column does not approach such a stronghold without proper introduction. Not unless they wish to be showered with arrows and boiling oil."

"Well, that is a relief. You do not think they mean us harm?" she questioned further.

"I do not, m'lady." he answered. "Our Queen is known throughout the land, and nearby realms do not challenge her. Though this force is armed, they do not come with war horse nor siege engines. Nor bowmen or infantry, only what appears to be a mounted escort. 'Tis most likely another noble, seeking an alliance with the Queen. They bring with them many wagons, and what I thought might be minstrels. Not the most frightening of advancing armies."

"Nevertheless, I have been ordered to prepare our defenses, which is why I was hidden among these many volumes." he said, gesturing to the stack of books.

"What good are books in defense of a castle?" asked the princess, already growing eager to free herself from this discourse. She desperately wished for the maid, if only to allay her fears.

With this new question, he turned very serious. "Do you not know, my lady? You must be a newcomer to this place. These books are wanted by the Queen."

In hushed voice, he continued. "She is a very powerful sorceress. In these scrolls and pages lie secret spells of untold power."

"Should she choose, with words from these," he said, motioning to one of the scrolls, "she can burn these strangers to cinders before they even reach eyeshot of the castle."

The princess's eyes grew wider as the maid's warnings of the Queen sounded in her ears. Even as they faded, the great clock upon the dark tower tolled. As they sounded, Tarquin turned his gaze towards the leaded glass windows at the clock's hour. As they stood, someone entered the library through another door.

"Oh, my lady!" he exclaimed. "I must leave you. The hour has grown late!" With this he gathered as many books and scrolls as he could carry, and hastened off, leaving the confused princess among the discarded volumes. As he left the chamber, he bowed low to the man who walked in.

Reaching the end of the great hall, he paused and turned, shouting back, "It was wonderful to meet you. Perhaps our paths shall cross again soon." And with that he was gone.

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