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Some Pages From Alicia's Diary

December 29 1985
Of all the people I wonder about, I wonder most about
Federico Peña. I was so attracted to him back when we
were in High School...then he suddenly disappeared.
What a handsome man he was....he must have been 6'2,
he had beautiful brown hair that wasn't too dark, but
wasn't too light. And his eyes, coffee brown that
made me go crazy. I wish I could see him again,
because of all the people I went to High School with,
I'd want to see him again. Only him. I'd want to see
what's behind those enticing eyes. I know that won't
happen though, after all what are the chances of
meeting up with him again? I'm sure I could figure it
out if I really wanted to. I hate Statistics.
I went shopping with my friends today...

January 1 1986
Happy New Year!!!

At last night’s New Year’s party I saw someone I
thought I would never see again, Federico Peña.
Remember him, the guy I was telling you about that
was in my French class two years ago...he’s still as
handsome and attractive as ever and I found out what
became of him. He had gone to France for two years of
study at the Sorbonne in Paris, or at least that’s
what he told anyone who'd listen. I talked to him a
while about Paris, we shared our thoughts about
France then we exchanged phone numbers, so that we
could go have some coffee in the near future. I
couldn’t help overhearing what he said to one of male
friends, about his seductions, his sexual after name of women, with graphic
detail of what he did with them. It stirred my
heart...I wanted him to sweep me off my
fact, as I left the party I happened to walk by him
and said: "If you were ever at school you might be
able to seduce me..." I laughed, then walked out of
Marcella’s New Year’s party. I wonder what Rico will
say to me when we have coffee?
No surreal dreams last night. I hope that tonight I
won't have any like yesterday.

January 3 1986
I can't believe the dream I just's 4 in the
morning and I have to write it all down before I
forget it.
I was in High school again and it was during the
lunch hour. I was sitting with my friends on some
picnic tables, eating and talking about nothing, when
Rico came up to me and said: "We have some business
waiting. Can you come with me" None of the other
girls notice that I leave and my face breaks into a
gigantic smile, since I know what the business is.
Rico embraces me, I embrace him back and he kisses me
on the cheek. He usually does that to say hello, but
something about it is different this time. I think it
must have been the deep musky scent that he had, or
some Drakkar Noir, or just something because my sex
began to work. I was excited, but I didn't just feel
that, I got a weird feeling that was more than sexual was like inner wetness. I needed him
more that moment than anything or anyone else. He
kisses me again, but this time on the lips and my sex
pulsates as his lips touch mine in a simple dry kiss.
He seemed to know what I felt, so Rico took me to a
dark corner of the school building, so no one could
see us. With my back to the wall, he takes me in his
arms and kisses me again. At first it was just a dry
kiss, but his tounge enters my mouth and we begin to
French kiss, as his hands caress my arms, then slowly
go to my waist and end up on my butt. As he kisses me
deeply, his tounge dancing with mine and his bottom
teeth gently nipping my lips he takes down my blue
jeans to my knees.
That day I'm wearing red silk bikini underwear that
barely cover me, so his right hand easily goes under
the smooth material and he begins to tease my sex.
All the while, we still kiss deeply and passionately
as his left hand gently cups my exposed butt,
tingling as we make love.
He touches me, massaging my clit with his middle
finger as the other fingers stay to the sides,
sending electric waves of pleasure all through my
body. I want to cry scream in pleasure, but
my gasps of pleasure are suppressed by his mouth,
hungry to kiss me. Anyway, we can't make noise since
we're at school and it would be dangerous if we were
After what seems to be forever, his fingers to go
the outer folds of my vagina. Rico moistens his
fingers, then slowly he plays with my clit again, as
it becomes wet with my vaginal tears. He feels my
rock hard nipples pressed against his chest, even
through my white t-shirt and my bra. Now I know he
wants to take me.
Still kissing me deeply, I feel his middle finger
slowly slide into my cunt, as deep as he can put it.
His cold, wet finger penetrates me and I jump
slightly back from the sensation of chills and
penetration. Rico still holds me close to him, not
allowing me to move away from him as he kisses me and
sometimes sucks on my lips.
As his tongue dances with mine and he slowly slides
his middle finger in and out of me we go to the hard
black asphalt, to lay down. His tall frame weighs
heavily on me as he gets on top of me, one hand
bracing my back as the other slides in and out of my
in a steady rhythm. All the while, I feel his penis
start to grow, filling with blood and lust, only
making me more excited. I know he won't satisfy
himself, he will wait for another day since he only
wishes to pleasure me.
Still, only his middle finger enters me at a slow
gentle pace. Suddenly I feel his index finger enter
along with the middle with the same gentle pace as he
kisses me. Thrust after thrust he pierces me, until
my body begins to meet each of his thrusts, pushing
his fingers deeper into me. I moan in pleasure, but
they are suppressed and eaten by his lustful, deep
kiss. I begin to feel a warmth grow deep within my
womb, slowly moving forward to meet his fingers and
his kiss...then I orgasm in pleasure. His mouth still
locked over mine, our tongues dancing in a frantic
ballet and my body pressing against his hard cock.
My orgasm lasts forever, or seems to last
forever...then slowly subsides. Rico looks into my
eyes, takes his lips away from mine to smile at me.
Then, we kiss deeply and soulfully again and just as
he broke the kiss, I awoke. Looking up at the ceiling
of my room, alone without anyone to hold me.
It was the most erotic dream I have ever had...I
wish that somehow he and I could do that for real....

January 4 1986
Rico called today, to ask me out for coffee. His
voice seemed hesitant, he said: "Alicia, if you don't
want to go out, I'll understand. I really, really
want to."
I said: "Yes. I want to go out with you. How about
next Friday, the 10th. You pick me up."
I could have seen him smiling through the phone:
"Great. I'll see you then."
We rang off and I smiled to myself. That might be the
next time he sees me, but I hope I see him long
before that.

End of Story

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