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Saturday July 21

I love showering with you. I watch the water drip down your body. I watch the soap bubbles travel down your lucious curves to places I'd rather be licking myself. I'm all soaped up and ready to rinse and I get to watch you do your hair. You put your hair up ready for soap and indicate we switch places. I have other ideas. I grab you and begin to soap up your backside while cuddling you in my arms. I get your back all soaped up and turn you around in a spoon position to wash your front. Up and down and around I go. My cock slides in between your thighs and you clench it. That feels good so I thrust forward and back. Wow. Feels like a pussy! "Go ahead" you say. So I fuck your thighs for a bit but my thighs begin to hurt because of our height difference. I say "fuck it" to myself and pull out. I then aim my cock for your pussy and you let me slide in. I thrust in and out rapidly and you cum. I am a fucking machine, jackhammering your pussy, making you moan and cry out. I love that so much. I bend you over a little more and press my cock agains your anus. "Not today" you say. Awwww. I slide into your cunt and begin ploughing away again. But I can't cum. There isn't enough time, I have to go. So I stop. We dry off, get dressed and go about our day. My semen pressure builds....

End of Story