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Requiem - a story about unfilfilled love

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It was a beautiful fall day along Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota. The small house at Silver Cliffs was overflowing with revelers, celebrating the marriage of two young people, Jonathan and Samantha. The food, friends, and merriment was such an environment, that who would ever think anything could ever go wrong.

It was obvious to all that the new couple was deeply in love with each other, having been friends for years. He was a crewman on a rescue boat, she a fisherman's daughter. The future was looking bright for both of them, and the new home on the cliff, built with the help of the townspeople, was fit for the occasion.......

..........Several years later

It was one of those wicked fall nights that would chill you to the bone, but she stood on the overhang, not seeming to feel the cold or dampness in the air. Dressed in her nightgown, she was crying, her fists were clenched, and her hair, beautiful when taken care of, looked now like she had been tossing it about to try and shake away whatever was bothering her. Every time the wind blew, she seemed to be screaming back at it, trying to fight some torturous demons. Losing her final bit of resolve, she screamed, "Jonathan, I'm coming!" and flung herself over the cliff to the angry lake below.......


It's a lovely fall day in Minnesota, that time of year when the leaves along the North Shore are glowing with all the dazzling colors of autumn. We've managed to get a little vacation away from the children and my work, and are taking advantage of it to visit a new bed and breakfast. From Highway 61, I look across the lake, and find it hard to believe that this serene body of water has swallowed so many ships and lives over the years.

I catch a glance of my wife, resting with her eyes shut, enjoying the rare peace and quiet we get. We seem to be more in love with each other every year, and of course a little well placed lust doesn't hurt either. When I told her we were doing this for our anniversary, her whole face lit up, and we had a torrid love session that night. Yes, this weekend should be lots of fun.

I woke her up as we pulled off the road to our getaway, the Lake Bluff B&B. A good size house, it's located on a high cliff overlooking the lake. I can see from the approach road that there is a deck on the back side of the house, which stands there like a sentry, high on the cliff. It seems to have a calmness about it, it's blue and white colors touching me, and quieting my spirit. Opening the door for CheriAnne, she got out, and I pulled her to me for a long, sweet kiss. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and told me, "Now be good - plenty of time for that later," and we turned and went to the house, hand in hand.

It's a lovely house inside as well. Much of it had been restored to it's original condition, with the warm, light colors of natural pine taken from the forests in this area. Registering with our hosts, we chatted for a bit.

"So, this house has a bit of a history then?" I asked. "Yes, but not a lot has been passed on. We found an old trunk that we refinished, and put in the room you are staying in. It had some old pictures that are hung over there, just to add some character. The pictures are apparently the couple this home was built for," replied our hostess, as she directed our view to the far wall of the parlor.

CheriAnne walked over for a closer look, "They look happy," she said.

Our host nodded his head, "Yes, but I understand the man died shortly after the marriage, so the happiness was fleeting. There have been rumors about hauntings, but we haven't noticed anything to confirm that. Well, I'll help you get into your room, and show you around a bit. There's also several paths along here, and places to get down below the cliff if you like."

His wife chimed in, "and, if you are so inclined, in the town you passed through to get here, there are several antique and curio shops. A few eccentric characters run some of them, but they are fun to visit with. I don't think they expect to sell much, just do it to socialize with the tourists. Hope you like it, and if I don't see you, breakfast is at 8:30."

Our host led us through the house to our room. It was very nice, on the top floor, overlooking the lake. A large set of glass doors led to a deck on the back, and the furniture was much in the style of the woodwork of the house. "Where did you find this furniture? It looks like it was made for the house." I was curious, because it was obviously solid wood, and even though the finish was in pristine shape, there was a bit of an aged look to it.

"Actually most of it was here already. The previous owners didn't use this room for anything but storage. They were afraid of the haunting rumors. However, it is the nicest of the rooms, with the view and all, so we restored it," was his explanation. I felt a tinge of excitement, thinking of the rumors, the view, and especially the time alone with my wife. We got our stuff in the room, then changed, and decided to go for an explore on the various trails.

The landscape around here is breathtaking, so full of contrasts. Tall pines, the rugged cliffs, clearings among the trees, the sound of birds, the wind and the waves. We wound our way along the cliffs and down an embankment, leading to a cut in the rocks. There was a flat spot down about 50 feet that we gingerly stepped down to, and sat down to relax. The hike and climb left us quite warm, and on top of that the sun was beating directly on us, in our new found hideaway. The rocks blocked the wind out, and to cool off we both took off our jackets. CheriAnne snuggled up close to me, and we simply rested, listening to the sounds of the birds and the waves, and feeling the warm sun on our faces.

I don't know how long we rested there, but after a bit I felt a rubbing on my crotch. I knew it was CheriAnne by the motion in her muscles, so I just laid there and enjoyed the sensation. She unsnapped my jeans, and slipped her hand in under my briefs, finding me already responding to her touch. She continued to touch, and rub my cock, until I finally had to do something as well. I slipped my hand into the back of her pants, and gently rubbed the top of her ass, and with my other hand, touched her face, turning it to me. We looked into each other's eyes, and connected with a kiss, so gentle, yet very sensual and arousing. "I want you to make love to me right here," she said.

We stood up, with each of us stripping off the other's clothing, until we were kissing in our little rock hideout without a stitch on. We kissed for what seemed like several minutes, with our hands alternating between being on the end of a hug, and exploring whatever parts of each other bodies we could reach. CheriAnne then kissed me on the neck, and worked her way down, nipping my nipples gently, until she was kneeling in front of me, and taking my cock into her mouth, she sucked greedily on it, while I caught my breath, and braced myself against the wall of the cliff. She alternated between slow, deep strokes and licking around the head of my cock, while also gently playing with my balls. The air was a little cool, which increased the sensation of fucking her hot mouth. I wanted to be sure she got hers too, so I pulled away from her mouth and laid her back on our clothing. I moved my body over hers, pressing my thigh between her legs. She was so horny, she began to lift herself, rubbing against me. I kissed at the base of her neck, first light pecks, then a deeper kiss, starting with a tongue-tip rubbing against her. This began a steady progression down her body, kissing on her collerbone, licking circles around her nipples, and drawing both of them into my mouth gently. Between her breasts, I laid my tongue, and drew a line with it until I reached her pussy. She was moaning, and twitching with my every touch, so I skipped her pussy, and licked the inside of her thigh, then her other thigh, and kept this up for a few more strokes, getting her squirming. I then paused for a moment, and quickly dove into her pussy with several fast licks on her clit, causing her to gasp for breath. Taking a more relaxed pace, I put my arms under her thighs and let my tongue wander, working the sides of her pussy, with an occasional poke and lick at her cunt itself. I kept this up for the next several minutes, keeping her on the edge, and listening to her pleading with me to stop teasing. "Ohhh , please, make me cum," she pleaded. "HHmmmmph," was all I could manage with my mouth being so busy. Breaking the rhythm, I would blow on her clit, causing her to moan, and then bring my tongue onto her clit and throughout the slit from her cunt to clit. I decided it was time, so I picked up the pace and rapidly continued the attention on all sides of her clit, driving her over the edge.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" as she bucked against my face, her juices flowing out, enjoying her orgasm. Her body was now very sensitive, and the slightest touch anywhere had her squirming. Her eyes were on fire with our passion and love, and I began working my way back up her body, kissing her deeply, giving her a taste of her own juices. She reached down between us, and guided my cock into her, "ummmmmm" she moaned while our tongues continued to play within our mouths. She was extremely hot today, and the sudden change in sensation on my cock, going from the cool fall air into her hot pussy seemed to get me almost cumming immediately. I simply let my cock rest deep inside her for several seconds, then pulled out to the edge, and pushed in once again. Each stroke sent a sensation through me, and caused her to arch herself towards me as well. I knew I was close, so I slipped one hand between us to play with her a bit as well, wanting to bring her to another orgasm while I fucked her. Her eyes flew open when I touched her, and she quickly began bucking back against my cock. "I do love fucking you, you know that?" I said between gasps of air. "Yes, my darling, give it to me - all of it!" was her reply. I let loose right after that, leaning forward to kiss her as the last drops of cum spurted from my cock within her. A strange sensation happened for a moment - the sky seemed to grow dark and cold, but quickly returned to the pleasant fall day we had been experiencing. We snuggled there for several more minutes, just tossing our shirts over us to stave off the chill, before getting dressed and heading back up the path.

We had a wonderful dinner that evening, and took the opportunity to wander around the town a bit, playfully teasing and touching like a couple of horny teenagers. We wandered past several of the antique and curio shops, but in passing one of them, I was strangely drawn to it, like an invisible hand was trying to stop me there. I made a mental note that we were going to have to visit it tomorrow. We stopped in a candy shop, and picked up a bag of M&M's for a snack later, and returned to the inn for the night.

It was quiet back at the inn, and we fixed a cup of hot Earl Grey tea, and sat on the deck overlooking the lake. A full moon rose over the water, creating a pathway of moonlight across the waves. A peaceful evening, we just talked about the past 12 years together, our children, and reminisccing about some of the fun we have had over the years. "I'll be back in a moment," CheriAnne said, and she went into our room. I simply sat there and let my mind drift off into nature, allowing my eyes to close, and all my other senses to take over. "Honey," CheriAnne's voice brought me out of my daze, and I saw her standing in the doorway, wearing a light blue baby doll and a nearly transparent robe. In the room, I could hear music playing, and she held out her hand to me, "Would you care to dance?"

The music was a slow waltz, and as I entered the room, she removed my jacket and shirt. We moved close together and began to slowly twirl around the room. We haven't had an opportunity to dance like this for so long that our smiles and eyes spoke volumes of how we felt about each other. I was able to feel every curve and movement of her body through the sheer robe, and we joined in a deep kiss, while we were still engaged in our dance.

Slowly our dance took us closer to the bed, and we both fell onto the bed, laughing and giggling as if we were on our honeymoon. Wrapped tightly in each others arms, she whispered to me, "I love you, Kurt." "I love you as well - more than ever," I said, and we joined in another kiss, our hands exploring each others bodies. I could feel myself getting hard again, and hungry for more sex with my lovely wife. Her kissing was becoming more aggressive, my clue that she was getting aroused too. I reached down to the bikini pants she was wearing, and slid them off, pulling her up to my face where I could reach her pussy with my tongue. Gently lapping at the edges first, as well as her thighs, I prepared her for another good tongue-fucking. She was sighing while I got started, and then rotated herself around, leaning down on me and taking my cock in her mouth. Working each other over in the old "69" position is always a treat - concentrating on giving the other pleasure delays our own orgasms, and gets both of us even hotter for later. Tonight, the thrill of being free of our responsibilities for a bit made it even better, and the feverish blow job she was giving me was rivaled only by my tongue working at her pussy. I could feel her juices began to flow, and had to catch me breath a bit as her teeth accidentally got a little too much cock for a moment. Her orgasm hit, and she went limp across my chest as she came, flooding my chin with her delicious juices. "Honey, look!" she exclaimed, as she pointed towards the patio door. "What?" I said, trying to crane my neck out from between her legs. "A…..woman? She's gone now, but I could have sworn I saw a young woman in a night gown, but…… it seemed like I could see through her as well," she seemed puzzled, but all I knew, is that my cock needed to get buried in her pussy, "Don't worry about - let's just leave your mystery books in the suitcase for the weekend, OK?" I rolled her over onto her stomach, and reached over for the massage oil. Straddling the back of her thighs, I slipped my cock between her legs and into her pussy, well oiled by our play so far, and let it rest there, while I put some massage oil on her back. This is easily her favorite position, me gently fucking her, while giving her a backrub. The rhythm of my hands matched the rhythm of my cock, and she again began to moan and clutch at the bedspread. This angle lets my hard cock touch the front side of her vagina, hitting the often referred to "G-spot", and always sending her off on a great trip. I could feel myself building to orgasm as well, and stopped the massage, grabbing her hips, and holding them tight as I drove harder into her. This was one of those sessions where we connect, body, mind and soul, rare in the busy life we lead, but tremendous when it does happen. She bit into the bedspread, muffling a scream as she came again, followed shortly afterward by my orgasm - but then I got the surprise of my life, when I saw a beautiful - woman, spectre - not quite sure - appear a few feet from our bed. I recognized her as the bride in the pictures downstairs, and instantly stopped. She reached out for my hand, and I reached back, getting just a quick touch before she faded. It was a strange sensation, both cold, yet gentle and loving. "I saw her," I said, almost as though I was listening to someone else, "she's the original lady of this house." "What do you think she wants?" CheriAnne asked. I thought for a moment, "I don't know, but we touched for a moment, and there's nothing to be afraid of. I think I know where we'll find the answer. I was drawn to a particular shop in town, we'll check it out tomorrow." We snuggled together as we always do, me tight against her back, my one arm under her pillow, my other arm around her waist, and slept soundly for the rest of the night.

The next morning, breakfast was a delight of caramel french toast and fresh fruit, along with a good hot cup of tea. Our hosts joined us, "How did you sleep?" "Wonderful," was our near simultaneous reply. Funny what happens after 12 yrs of marriage - timing is everything I guess. "However, at the risk of sounding like an idiot - we both saw your lady ghost." They were spellbound, frozen with their food halfway to their mouth.

"You did? How?"

"Well, would you believe right after making love." I said, with a sly smirk, and a quick glance at CheriAnne. "We hope to find out why she showed herself - one shop in town seemed to have a strange attraction for me.

"Which one?" the hosts asked.

"The small one, next to the candy shop. I didn't get the name."

"Interesting. The owner is a granddaughter of one of the residents of the town back when the house was built. Her grandfather helped build the house, and was apparently rescued during a storm sometime back then. We haven't really had time to find out much more."

Needless to say, that was enough to get me wondering, and vacation or not, we both rushed to get out the door to visit that one shop.

Later that morning, we got into town, and went directly to the little shop next to the candy store. It seemed deserted, and we poked around a bit, looking at the various items. It was then that I saw a picture on the wall, an older gentleman standing next to a boat, with a younger man standing next to him - but the young man was the first resident of the house we were staying in. "CheriAnne, come here!"

She hurried over, "What did you find, hon?"

"That's him - that's her husband."

"I wonder who the other man is?" CheriAnne said with a quizzical look.

From behind us came the reply, "My grandfather Peter - he trained Jonathan for the rescue crew. Welcome."

We turned to gaze upon a young lady, dressed a bit eccentric, but with gentle features and a wise look in her eyes. "Have you been watching us?" I asked.

"Yes, but don't worry, I trusted you when I saw you last night with both the ladies."


"Yes, your wife and Samantha - she was with you as well. Apparently, she has chosen you two."

"Well, that explains the feeling I had by this shop last night, but chosen us for what?"

"Sit down - I'll fix some tea and explain."

CheriAnne and I looked at each other with the only gaze I have never been able to explain - we were curious, scared, happy that we are going to find some answers, but not sure what we may be getting into. We sat down on the sofa in the corner of the shop, and the shop's caretaker came over with a wonderful herbal tea.

"My name is Vicky. My grandfather Peter was a friend of Jonathan's family, he organized the townspeople to build the house, and trained Jonathan for the rescue crew. Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding, a sudden storm blew up, and the rescue boat had to go out. My grandfather wanted John to stay, but he refused to. It was a wicked storm, so strong they say you could here the devil talking to you in the wind. Jonathan and Samantha had not yet consummated their marriages, nor had they had sexual relations before, so both were virgins, and very much in love with each other. During the storm, my grandfather fell overboard and was swept out of reach of the rescue poles. Jonathan took a rescue ring and a rope, and refused to let anyone else go after Peter, jumping in himself."

"So they both survived?"

"No, that's the sad part. After getting my grandfather back to the boat, a monstrous wave, driven by the wind threw the boat sideways, hitting Jonathan on the head, and knocking him unconscious. His body was never recovered. Samantha's grief eventually destroyed her, and so two souls separated have been in anguish for the last 75 years."

With that last statement, her eyes seemed to stare behind me, as if she was feeling sympathy. It was then I felt a chill upon my shoulder once again.

"Is Samantha here?"


"But, why can't I see her now?"

"Right now, you cannot see her, or be touched by anything other than her spectral aura - that's the chill you feel."

"But, last night…. right after we made love, I felt warmth from her. And, earlier, the sky seemed to change from the beautiful day to stormy and back again."

"Yes, you were able to feel her soul at that time. The hormones of true binding love can do wonderful things. Let me continue, and you will understand. My grandfather felt terrible, but there was nothing he could do save provide for Samantha's well being - in every way but love. What he did not know, is that the women in my family have a secret which I will share with you. We practice a form of the occult. Not black magic, cats, and brooms, mind you, but magic of nature and the soul, magic which is at it's strongest when fueled by the passions of love or anger. My grandmother went to Samantha, but she would not believe it. However, my grandmother managed to invoke the spell anyway."

"That is amazing - and if not for these touches, very difficult to believe."

"Yes, I know. This spell is intended to reunite love separated by death, without truly experiencing physical love. The spell has certain characteristics and requirements, and you are experiencing it's ripples."

"First, the spell can only be broken in the room which was to be their bedroom. By being in that room, the ripples of the spell have allowed Samantha's aura to touch you, and also gave you the vision of the storm that destroyed their future. Also, the strength of your passion during lovemaking has allowed Samantha to appear to you. By knowing you could see her, that told her that your passion is strong enough to complete the spell."

"But, why haven't we seen Jonathan?"

"You must be willing to accept the second requirement. You both must be willing to allow Samantha and Jonathan to enter your body, and consummate their marriage, and fulfill their passion for each other, by experiencing physical love. If so, Samantha can enter CheriAnne's body first, and then Jonathan will know to come and find you by your feelings for CheriAnne. You must consider this wisely, for it is a one shot spell. It won't hurt you, but once you accept it, Samantha and Jonathan don't get a second chance. You see, she chose you two because your love if very deep, you could say that you are soulmates, connected by your love within your heart, mind, and spirit. In order for it to work for her and Jonathan, she needed a couple who were "soulmates", a couple with a very rare, but very beautiful relationship."

I turned to CheriAnne and asked, "What do you think?"

She smiled at me, "no doubt, you know I'm a hopeless romantic," as she leaned over and kissed me, with her hands on both my cheeks. I really do love her.

"Great. Samantha is smiling," said Vicky.

"How can you see her?" I asked.

"Have you ever tasted tea like this before?" and she flashed a sly grin, "turn around."

It was then we saw her, not briefly like after sex, but as a steady vision. She was smiling, radiant with happiness, but also crying because she will finally have her love back tonight. Her mouth moved, it was obvious the words she made were "Thank you - Thank you both", even though we could not hear her.

"Come here, I have something for both of you. It's a key to the trunk in your room. I know it's there, because the hosts came here to find out about restoring it. In it are their wedding clothes, also preserved by the same spell," as she handed us an old key, "and thank you, this is the only way my grandparents can truly rest, even though they are their own paradise now."

"We'll return tomorrow to tell you how it goes tonight," CheriAnne said.

"No need - if it works, I won't be here - I promised my grandparents I would remain here until death, or until the spell is finished. I have never left this town, and intend to do some serious exploring. By the way, afterwards, look in the false bottom of the trunk. You'll find a gift."

We left the shop, and CheriAnne said, "Well, if this is going to be their wedding night, lets do it right." So we went down the street to a restaurant that specialized in the local freshwater fish, salmon and lake trout. In the restaurant, we looked the menu over, and after a bit, our waitress came over.

"Welcome, what would you like?"

Without looking up right away, CheriAnne asked, "I like freshwater fish, what's good here?"

"Well, my family has always been partial to the broiled lake trout."

I looked up, and couldn't believe my eyes. It was as though I was looking at a 1999 version of Samantha, our ghostly friend. "Excuse me," I said, "but you remind me of someone I know, her name is Samantha."

The waitress had a slightly taken aback glance my way at that statement. "My name is Samantha. I was named for my great aunt. Are you visiting town?"

"Yes, we are staying at the Lake Bluff B&B, and have seen your aunt's picture - and her ghost."

With that, a smile came over her face, "Nice to meet you - actually, the lake trout is prepared with her recipe. If you have met her ghost, then she really likes you. Have you talked to Vicky in the curio shop yet?"

"Yes. I take it you know of the enchantment. We're going to go ahead and help Samantha and Jonathan tonight."

"Great - well, then, here's my recommendation. For her, the lake trout, and for you, the salmon. My mother told me those were they're favorites when they were courting."

This was getting really bizarre, but exciting. Yet, at the same time, the thought of what was to come tonight made me feel my love for CheriAnne like never before. We had a wonderful dinner, and the younger Samantha took her break and told us stories she had gotten from her mother about the couple we are about to know, in a way we never would have expected. During dinner, CheriAnne would slip her shoe off, and put her foot in my lap, or rub it against my crotch. She was getting excited at the prospect of …. What? Group sex with a couple of ghosts?

We couldn't resist dessert tonight though - on the menu was a double hot fudge brownie sundae, and it was served with M&M's on top of the whipped cream. No special significance, we just love chocolate.

We left the restaurant after a very relaxing, and interesting dinner. The younger Samantha caught us as we were leaving, "Thank you," she said. "I'm off tomorrow, and if you call this number, I'll tell you more about my family, and if you like, show you some more of the villages sights," and with a wink, and a kiss on both of our cheeks, she handed us a small slip of paper with her number, but that's another story.

We walked in the moonlight, enjoying the evening, and then returning to the inn. I took the key out of my pocket, looked at CheriAnne.

"Are you ready, love?"

"Yes, open it."

Inside the chest was a lovely, lace bridal gown, the same one as in the picture downstairs, and a garnet necklace. Jonathan's suit was in there as well.

"You get dressed first, then step out on the deck and wait," she told me.

"But, why?" I protested.

"You know it's bad luck to see the bride getting dressed, and this couple had enough bad luck. Now get going, let's not keep the newlyweds waiting any longer. 75 years is enough."

Feigning disappointment, I stepped out there and waited. In a few minutes, CheriAnne opened the door and stepped out, but she wasn't quite the same - there was a different flow to her walk, and her eyes seemed to shine from deep within. The dress was beautiful. Conservative, yet sensual, hiding the beauty underneath, but accentuating the graceful way in which she walked.

"CheriAnne, or Samantha?" I inquired.

"We are both here." The voice was vibrant, almost speaking as a chorus of two. I could hear CheriAnne's voice within, but, at the same time, an echo of another tone, but both full of love. "We've talked, and since we have joined, CheriAnne will also have my memories, as you will have Jonathan's. However, before he comes, I want to give you a simple thanks from me, Samantha."

With that, she moved closer, and we kissed. There was no chill this time, but a warmth that touched not only my lips but my very spirit. We broke the kiss, and Samantha/CheriAnne reached out across the railing.

"My Jonathan, we can now rejoin each other. No longer must we wail at the winds, please, come forth from the lake." The wind picked up, noticeably, but not violently. I could hear in the wind a cadence, as thought it was calling her name. "Look to your left, Kurt."

There he was now, Jonathan, as youthful as the day he died. His smile was as radiant as that on our combined love. He looked at me, and I nodded. As he stepped forward, I caught a glance of CheriAnne/Samantha, but now it was clearly CheriAnne's voice telling me to relax - don't fear any feelings.

When he joined with me, the sensations were nearly overwhelming. First, I felt the sensation of a deep chill, the spectral aura again, followed by the warmth like I felt from Samantha the other night, the warmth of love and passion that has been thwarted for so long. Instantly, we were able to trade thoughts, and I could feel my body, but he was in control of it. I knew the love he had for Samantha, the friendship for Vicky's grandfather, the sadness he felt as his life slipped away from him that night so long ago.

It was like watching a movie through someone elses eyes, but yet I could feel everything. When we took the hands of our wives, I could feel it, but he was controlling our actions. At the same time, a connection opened up between CheriAnne and myself, where our thoughts mingled without speaking, I also understood parts of Samantha then as well, and picked up her wish that the clothing and jewels be given to her niece we met at the restaurant, and the joy she was feeling at finally being able to touch her husband in the manner we all love our spouses.

We/us kissed on the deck for what seemed like eternity, before moving into the bedroom. The whole room took on an eerie glow, radiating with the magic which was in play here. I/Jonathan slipped our coat and tie off, and laid it over the chair, then returned to CheriAnne/Samantha, and stepped behind them, unbuttoning the wedding gown and removing it. My mind's eye noticed that the undergarments were definitely not 1920's vintage, that CheriAnne must have planned a bit of a modern surprise for Jonathan, with the white garter, low cut bra and stockings.

We stopped for a moment, the view catching Jonathan/myself off guard - he controlling our actions, and we quickly passed thoughts to each other.

{"WOW - Is that how the women dress now?"} { "Well, on special occasions Jonathan" } { "You have quite a wife" } { "So do you, was she a flirt in her day?" } { "Yes, very much so." } { "Well, then, with two of them together, we're in for a real treat. You drive, I'll just kick back here and let you kids have some fun." } { "Thank you, Kurt. I never knew that Samantha and I would have this chance to get back together." }

Jonathan took control, and moved closer to Samantha. The view I had was mostly of CheriAnne, but with a semi-transparent Samantha superimposed on her. By concentrating within my mind's eye, I could see more of Samantha. No matter which face I saw, there was a big smile, and a sparkle in the eyes. Jonathan reached out and took the strings of the baby doll, letting it drop, exposing our wives breasts, then laid her back on the bed, and removed the panties, leaving the stockings and garter on. Stepping back, he removed the rest of the clothing on my body, and climbed onto the bed, slowly stroking her body with a hand as we moved up. Samantha, in CheriAnne's body, was reacting to the sensation, sensually writhing as if to get her skin even closer to the hands exploring her. Jonathan laid down beside her, and slipped one leg between hers, she moving her leg up over him, and then both wrapping arms closely together, engaging in another kiss. I was able to feel the sensations, and was sensing that "first time" excitement that is so fleeting in one's lifetime.

My cock had quickly hardened at the sensations, and Jonathan was moaning slightly ever time a leg brushed it. He move a hand down between our ladies legs, and found a hot, wanting pussy. I'm sure that the sensations I and Jonathan are experiencing are no less intense for the ladies. Slipping a finger in, Samantha moaned, and closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of finally being made love to.

He gently felt his way around her public mound, brushing the hair, slipping his finger inside, finding the little nub of the clit and massaging that slowly, gently, Samantha/CheriAnne's breathing quickened, as did the tone and intensity of their sighs. I could read the pleasure in Jonathan's mind, enjoying the feedback from his playing with her, and the sensation he's feeling from his own groin.

{Jonathan - slip you tongue in there and lick.} {Do what?} {You heard me - don't worry, it's fine - she'll love it.}

He turned around and slipped his face between her thighs, not without gasping when she grabbed his/our cock. She felt the bit of pre-cum on the tip, and used that to lubricate her fingers, which then started a slow stroke along it's length. At the same time, Jonathan moved his tongue into their shared pussy, and started tracing the area he had been working with fingers previously.

{This is good.} {Just wait - it gets better} {Ouch - that hurts - we just got kicked} {Don't worry - they're about to cum}

"AAAHHHHHH, OOHHHHH, YESS!" their dual voices resonated as our ladies hit an orgasm, and through the magical connection, I could tell CheriAnne was experiencing it as well as Samantha. They began bucking and thrashing on the bed, arching up to meet the tongue giving such pleasure, then loosing it and falling back to the bed.

{I need to be in her, Kurt.} {She's ready for it - look.} {She almost looks like an animal in heat.} {It's called passionate love - nothing better. Just go with your instincts.}

Jonathan moved us to the missionary spot between her legs. Her eyes were ablaze with passion, and she spread her legs, inviting our cock to enter her cunt. Samantha/CheriAnne's eyes flew open wide, and the mouth formed a silent scream when the sensation of a cock within them was felt. Slowly at first, Jonathan slid the cock in and back out again, bringing moans from all of us. The harmonic sounds of our combined voices brought even more of a surreal feel to what we were doing. I couldn't believe how intense the sensations were, much more so than I have ever known, and could feel the depth of CheriAnne's and my spirititual connection with each other. Jonathan was gritting his teeth, and his eyes flew open, and he started fucking her with such lusty fury that I knew we wouldn't hold on for much longer. "Stop," Samantha/CheriAnne said, "we want to be on top."

Holding it back, Jonathan rolled off, lying on the back, while our wives climbed on top, and stopped with their pussy just off the tip of our cock. With a sexy grin, they leaned over, gave us another kiss, then straightened up, and impaled themselves on the hard cock, rising up, and driving onto it again and again. Jonathan could control my body no longer, and we released what seemed to be a torrent of cum within that hot, sexy pussy, triggering an orgasm within the ladies. She screamed out, "OOOOOH, yes, this is good - so goood, I love this Jonathan, I love you Jonathan." A moment later, I heard CheriAnne's voice coming through, "Kurt, I love you so much - forever." At that moment, the connection between all of us was so intense, and the feelings of true love flooded through all of us. Samantha/CheriAnne collapsed on the bed alongside of us, still combined, and we dropped back to gentle, lovely kissing and caressing of each other's bodies.

"Come to the door," she said, and Samantha/CheriAnne got up, slipping on a robe. Jonathan/I did the same, and as we approached the door, they opened it. "We are going to part from your bodies now, so we will no longer be able to talk. Thank you, it was wonderful, and now Jonathan and I may go to our eternal rest."

"You're welcome," I said through my own mouth, " this brought out deeper feelings of love between CheriAnne and I then we knew existed. I only wish we could have known you even more."

"Remember, the dress, and the jewels are to go to my niece, Samantha. However, look in the false bottom of the trunk. There you will find my journal that I kept from the time I was 9, along with pictures of my youth. Thank you again. This is for you," Samantha/CheriAnne leaned forward and gave me another loving kiss, and a hug.

Jonathan's voice took over, "And, CheriAnne, the same for you," as he returned the kiss to her. I felt their spirits leave us as we were in each other's arms, but this time I could see both. We opened the door to the deck, and the moonlight flooded in, lighting their spirits, now dressed again in their wedding clothes, but in an ethereal version of them. They waved back, and walked along the deck, fading away into the night. We just stood there, arm in arm, for what seemed like an eternity, when CheriAnne was the first to speak.

"I'm glad we could help. That was such an experience." "Yes, but unfortunately, I don't think we could ever match making love like that again. If there was such a thing as feeling perfect love, that had to as close as you can get." CheriAnne then gave me her patented flirtatious, sexy smile, her skin illuminated by the moonlight, and her eyes glowing with love, "If you're up to trying to match it again, I'll race you to the bed…….you know, practice makes perfect……"``

THE END........until ????????

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