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They had spent a wonderful day together picnicking at the local
park, where spring had revealed itself in the emerald green of the grass
on which they'd lain, and in the smell of the warm breeze that blew
tendrils of her hair every which way. Now whenever they thought of
this day, they would both remember sitting comfortably and silently,
his head resting in her lap, and they would remember running and
laughing and playing like two little children who had just discovered
springtime. But now it was time to go home...
Sighing, she folded the blanket they'd spread out on the grass, and
he gathered up their trash and threw it away. They walked back to
their car, holding hands. On the way home it began to rain in big
gusts, the water sheeting across the windshield with the suddenness
common to spring storms. She glanced sideways at him and smiled,
her brown eyes twinkling mischievously. He seemed not to notice as
she took his right hand off the steering wheel and placed it on the sun-
warmed flesh of her left thigh. He still seemed oblivious to her
actions. Leave it up to him to forget the interesting effect storms
always had on her already healthy libido! Leaning over a bit, she
placed her mouth near his right ear, and growled lightly, hoping this
would evoke some kind of a response. Alas, it did not. "Honey," he
said patiently as if speaking to an errant child, "I'm trying to drive."
Pouting at her lack of success, she slumped back in her seat,
crossed her arms over her chest and remained silent for the rest of the
ride home. He didn't say anything, either. She glanced at him
occasionally in the darkness beside her as the rain pounded down upon
the car and thought about how badly she wanted him then.
They were home, finally. Silently, she watched as he got out and
began walking toward the house. Slowly, she herself got out, making
sure to take the blanket with her. She watched as he disappeared
inside the house. She opted to stay outside. She stood outside and let
the rain wash over her the way she used to do when she was little. She
stood and let it soak through all her clothing and wet her hair. She
remained unaware of him standing silhouetted in the window watching
her with a smile on his face as her wet clothes began to mold
themselves to her body. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and turned
to go back inside. She stepped into the house and noticed that all the
lights were off, but paid no attention to it. Right now she was a little
put-out with him so she didn't allow herself to wonder where he was.
Yawning tiredly she trudged up the stairs to their room and opened the
closet and yanked out her flannel robe, deciding against changing into
clothes. She started to take off the now-drenched T-shirt she was
wearing when she felt his arms close around her from behind. "Let
me," he said quietly.
Her hands stilled as his brushed lightly over her stomach and
grasped her shirt. He began to pull it up slowly. He paused, and let
his hands feel her softness through the fabric of her bra. She held her
breath as he lifted her arms and pulled the shirt over her head. He
turned her around to face him. Kneeling down in front of her, he
helped her step out of her wet cut-offs. She stood before him in
nothing but a wet bra that did nothing to hide the hard peaks of her
nipples, and a pair of black panties. Her appearance was enough to
arouse in him the fierce need it always did. He wanted her... His
hardened member throbbed with excitement.
He led her to the bed, himself clad in nothing, and pushed her onto
her back. Then he leaned over her and just looked at her, taking in the
way wet strands of her hair clung to the swell of her breasts. Lovingly
he traced the curve of her lips, and she smiled slightly, liking the
tenderness of this gesture. Playfully she nipped at his finger.
Furrowing his eyebrows at her with mock severity, he removed
the offended finger and kissed her, hard, showing her the extent of his
arousal. He loved her yes, and he also lusted after her. Their tongues
danced around and on and over each other eagerly, and their desire was
only sharpened by this prolonged foreplay. She could feel his hardness
as they ground against each other in the midst of their kiss. Her desire
matched his-she felt her pussy beginning to get wet and hot. And for
some reason, the thought of the little stain her rapidly moistening
pussy must be leaving on her panties turned her on even more. She
moaned into his mouth. He moaned back, loving the way she sounded.
If possible, his cock hardened even more. It was amazing they still
managed to turn each other on so much. In this case at least,
familiarity did not breed contempt.
The feel of his cock sliding against her clitoris just underneath the
thin fabric of her panties as they thrust back and forth drove her crazy.
God, but he was so hard and so hot. And she knew her panties were
going to need a good washing what with the way her juices were
oozing all over them!
His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, one minute holding
her head still, another sliding through her hair, and yet another
kneading her breasts. Her moans accelerated until she was literally
panting for him. "Put your mouth on my nipples," she commanded.
He was all too happy to oblige. But he started by placing his mouth on
her breast over her bra and breathing through the skimpy fabric. Next
he licked her aching nipples through her bra. She moaned again, not
satisfied by this torture. "Oh, take it off," she begged.
"Why don't you take it off for me, sexy?" he asked, his voice
husky with desire. So she did, sliding the straps slowly down her
shoulders, revealing inch after inch of beautiful flesh. He gasped,
incredibly aroused by her show. She herself was enjoying drawing it
out. With her straps down around her shoulders, she cupped her
breasts in her hands and squeezed them together, making her already-
ample cleavage even more delightfully pronounced.
"Is this what you wanted?" she asked, smiling at the effect she
was having on him. Deep down, she was just a little vixen.
"Uh-huh," he replied, unable to get any other words out of his
now-dry mouth. She continued to lower the straps until just the
slightest bit of the dark areola surrounding her nipples was exposed.
He sighed, watching helplessly as she removed the bra altogether and
left her very pleasing breasts open to his hungry gaze. Unable to
control himself, he pounced on her, greedily licking all along her
breasts, squeezing them together in his hands before finally taking
each nipple, one-by-one into his mouth. He sucked her nipples, and
determined to make her want him even more, he gently bit down on
each, causing her to moan loudly with pleasure. Her moans were
music to his ears. They sounded obscenely good. When he finally
came up for air, his lover's breasts were glistening and wet with his
saliva. He watched her chest rise and fall, causing her breasts to sway,
with every swift indrawn breath.
Deciding it was time for some more aggression on her part, she
grinned wickedly to herself, and with what sounded suspiciously like a
warm purr, she pushed him off her, and turned him on his back. He
wondered happily to himself what she would do next. He did not need
to wonder for very long. Sitting up on their bed, she swiftly slid off
her panties and tossed them to him. He deftly caught them and
brought them to his face, inhaling the scent of her wetness imprinted
on them. He groaned, she smelled so damned good. Without warning,
she straddled his face and lowered her pussy until it was just within his
eager tongue's reach. "Lick me, lover," she ordered sexily, causing his
cock to twitch.
"Oh, yes," he managed to get out, "give me your pussy, baby. Let
me lick you and taste your juices." And then he began to lick and suck
her, his tongue occasionally darting in and out of her steaming pussy.
She was very definitely wet. "Mmmm, baby, you taste so good," he
moaned, his words slightly garbled by the pressure of her insistent
pussy pushing against his face as he sped up his licking. He loved to
go down on her-there was nothing in the world quite like it. He
hungrily swiped her pussy with his agile tongue and lapped her juices
cleanly into his waiting mouth. There was nothing in the world like
the taste and feel of his lover's pussy. She rode his face, moaning
Finally, the throbbing in his poor, hard, cock became unbearable,
and he said, "Fuck me, baby, please fuck me," and he pulled her down
a bit until she was seated just below his cock. She could feel the heat
emanating from him. She rose up and then slowly lowered her soaked
pussy onto his waiting cock and began to ride him, slowly at first, and
then faster. She looked so beautiful and sensual on top of him, her
eyes closed, her head thrown back slightly and her breasts bouncing
with each of her thrusts. And the sounds escaping from between her
lips were too good to be true. "Yeah, that's good, baby, just like that,"
he exclaimed breathlessly," ride me hard. Let me feel your pussy
clamped down around my cock..."
She heeded his well-meaning instructions and rode him fast and
hard, feeling the inevitable pressure and pleasure building from
somewhere deep within her. "Do you want me? Tell me how much
you want me. Tell me how good you feel having your cock inside my
wet pussy," she moaned.
"Oh yes, honey, I want you. I want you so badly. I can't believe
how good it feels to have my cock inside your pussy. Can you feel me
throbbing inside you?" he replied.
"Uh-huh, I feel you," she answered.
She continued to ride him, spurred on by his fevered exclamations
of "Fuck me, oh baby, fuck me, please. That's it, ride me, honey. Let
me feel your pussy."
And finally her back arched and she cried out as she orgasmed to
the accompaniment of his voice telling her to "Come on, baby, come
for me. Let me feel your pussy tighten around my cock as you come
for me. Come on, that's it..."
He cried out as well, when he reached his own climax and poured
himself into her as he felt her walls clench and spasm around him. He
She collapsed onto him, as drained as he was. Their warm bodies
were slick with the sweat and moisture of their lovemaking, and they
clung to each other, utterly spent. "Whew," they exclaimed in unison.
They laughed, and he held her to him as he pushed her hair out of
her eyes and kissed her lightly on her mouth. "I love you," he said
quietly, meaning it.
"And I love YOU," she replied, smiling softly. Having said that,
she rolled off him and settled next to him, laying her head contentedly
on his chest. He stroked his hand down her hair and back, and felt her
slowly relax into sleep. And just as he began to follow swiftly after
her, he realized he could no longer the pitter patter of rain on their
roof. He chuckled quietly to himself, and then drifted off, joining his
lover in the realm of dreams.

End of Story

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