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Part 2 The Hotel

We pull up in front of the hotel and I help you
down from the carriage. We walk in and I steer you
towards the elevator." Don't you want to check us
in??" You ask. " I've already checked us in earlier" I
explain and I lead you into the elevator. We are alone
in there so I Grab you and pull you closely into my
arms. I lean down and kiss your sweet red lips, then I
continue down across your breasts and your stomach. I
lift your dress and kiss the small patch of hair
between your thighs. "What if someone catches us" you
ask. I continue to kiss your sweet thighs and whisper
"I don't care" You giggle and cover my head with your
dress. Then you spread your legs so I can get a better
position. Just then the bell for the door rings and
you jump , pulling your dress back off from my head.
We both laugh and I get up just as the door slides
open. Two elderly women get on the elevator as we get
off. We start to laugh loudly and I pull you towards
our room.
When we get into the room I carry you to the bed and
lay you down on it. " Don't Move" I say and I begin to
light the candles I have set up in the room. I turn
off all of the lights and the room is illuminated only
by the candlelight. I turn on the CD Player I brought
and put on some nice romantic music. Then I go into
the bathroom and run a nice hot bath for us. When I
return I begin to SLOWLY Undress you, removing your
dress and hanging it on a hanger in the room. Then I
pick you up and carry you into the bathroom. I test
the water to make sure it isn't too hot, the I help
you into the tub. The soft glow of the candles and the
fragrance they give off is very soothing and relaxing.
I lay you back and wet your hair then I support your
neck and gently begin washing your hair. The lather
foams up rich and thick as I run my hands over your
hair and scalp. I lay you back, gently, and rinse your
hair of all the soap. I undress and get into the tub
behind you. The soft music plays in the background as
I gently wash your body. . I wash your back and neck
and then I SLOWLY begin washing your breasts, paying
special attention to the nipples. Then I wash your
stomach. I take your hand and help you stand up so I
can wash your legs. I soap them up real nice and then
I turn you around and wash your backside. Your small
tight butt feels good in my hands as I soap it up.
Then I SLOWLY wash between your thighs. The small
patch of hair is shiny and wet as I soap it. I help
you back down into the water and begin to rinse you
off. Taking the wash cloth I gently pour warm water
all over your body. I then wash myself till I am nice
and clean then I help you up and into the towel.
Starting at your head I begin drying your hair. I give
you the towel so you can wrap your hair into it. Then
I take another towel and begin drying off your body. I
dry your back and Butt going lower and lower down your
body to your feet. I place your hands on my shoulders
for support and I dry each of your feet. Then I turn
you around and begin to dry your front. Your soft
sensual breasts, your stomach, your hips and thighs,
down your legs and then back up to your sweet hair
patch. I lean forward and kiss your box using my
tongue to part your lips. You reach down and hold my
head against your body. I kiss up your legs and all
the way up to your mouth. I kiss your mouth
passionately as I pick you up and carry you to the
bed. I lay you down gently on the bed and slip my head
between your legs. I slide my tongue into your box and
begin to probe inside you. Deeper and Deeper I
penetrate your box until our lips are pushed tightly
together. I place your feet on my shoulders and you
begin to rock back and forth. Your hips move up and
down as my tongue slips in and out of you. I place my
hands under your butt and lift slightly so I can
penetrate you as deeply as I can. Your tight butt
feels good in my hands and I squeeze it slightly. You
let out a soft moan and grind your box against my
face. The soft pink walls of your box release their
juice into my mouth .. and I GREEDILY take it all in.
I start to gently suck some of the inner wall into my
mouth and lick as deeply as I can reach inside of you.
Your body begins to quiver as your hips begin to move
faster against my tongue. The first wave of your
orgasm comes quickly and you grab my head TIGHTLY
against your box. Your moans of pleasure turn to
shrieks of Sexual Passion as your orgasm rips through
your body. Each ripple of your orgasm makes your hole
throb and I can feel your butt muscles tighten and
relax. When it passes you release my head and relax. I
slip out from between your legs and take your hands. I
lift you up and walk you over to the table. I turn you
around and bend you over the table, your sweet little
butt is at the perfect height for me. I slip my cock
between your thighs and find your wet little box.
SLOWLY I push the head in. Then I grab your waist and
PUSH into you. The fat head of my cock splits your box
lips open .. penetrating you deeper and deeper as the
thick hard shaft slips into you. When I am fully
inside you I begin to slowly pump in and out of you.
Your tight little box surrounds my cock and the inner
walls feel Hot against my cock. Holding your hips
tightly I speed up my pumping. In and out I THRUST my
self into you. Using the table to steady yourself you
begin to Thrust Back against my cock. Harder and
Harder we make love against a backdrop of soft
candlelight. The sweat rolls from my chest onto your
back. I bury my cock into you over and over until I
feel the cum rising in my cock. "I'm cumming" I moan
as our passion begins to peak. "Me too" you cry as I
feel the first release from my cock. I THRUST into you
so I can spill my load deep into your hot body.
Another Throb of my cock and I SPURT my load deep into
you. Your box grips my cock in a series of
constrictions that push my excitement to ecstasy. As I
spill my load into you I moan in orgasmic pleasure.
Each throb bringing more and more cum from my cock.
When we finish I lead you to the bed and we cuddle for
a few moments. Our hearts racing inside our chests.
The sweat evaporating from our bodies in the coolness
of our room. We shiver from the cold and cover with
the blanket. Your soft warm body is huddled tightly
against mine. Your soft breasts pulled tightly against
my chest I kiss you passionately. All I can think
about is making love to you all night.But I have plans
for the evening. I get you up and we change for a
night of dancing. I call a cab to take us to a local
night spot...But I vow we will not sleep until we are
both too exhausted to do anything else.

End of Story

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