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Our Island

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The flight was uneventful, thankfully, though I certainly spent a lot of time taking in the view of you. Positively radiant and beaming, I can tell just how much you have looked forward to this time together. So have I and I make a silent promise to myself that we will not leave with any fantasy unsaid or undone. As we exit the terminal I am struck by how the beauty of the island only amplifies your own even more. As we walk, more than once I purposely slow down and allow you to get in front so that I might watch you from behind. Already my mind races with the possibilities this time together will offer.

The little cabin we have is very secluded and as we enter and drop off our luggage I notice the netting over the over-sized bed, the wicker chairs and a small wicker couch. It is like a postcard in its simplicity and its beauty. I see you enter the tiny bathroom with your brush and I wonder why you feel the need to improve upon perfection. Following you in there I come up from behind and wrap my arms around you and pull you into me. The feeling of you so close is intoxicating and it is a moment I never want to let go of. Smiling, you turn in my arms to face me. Your glorious breasts are pressed into my chest and even through our clothing I can feel your nipples harden in response to the moment. Leaning into you, I kiss your lips, softly and tenderly at first, but quickly giving way to parted lips and dancing tongues. Breathlessly we part and I can see the desire in your eyes as surely as I know you can see it in mine. But it is time to enjoy our paradise together so we open our luggage and get our swimsuits. Oddly, you leave me and close the bathroom door to change. It is cute to see, the demureness, and it only makes me want to see your wonderful body more. After a moment or two, you exit, the two-piece you are wearing barely covering anything at all. I know that my mouth opens in amazement but you say nothing. Taking my hand you lead my stunned self outside and down to our own private beach.

The sun is pouring down on us in all its radiant glory and everywhere we see is nothing but tranquil beauty. If heaven could come to earth this surely must be it. Then we notice something else?as far as we can see?we are totally alone. We are shielded on three sides by trees and foliage and before us lies the most beautiful blue lagoon we have ever imagined. With full realization that we are truly alone in paradise we look at each other and laugh out loud. Why on earth are we in these swimsuits? Taking you in my arms firmly, we kiss deeply and passionately. My hand is busy untying the string to your top and in a flash the fabric is falling away and your wonderful breast are before me. Stifling a bit of a gasp, I lean down to take first one, then the other hardening nipple into my mouth and run an excited tongue over its rubbery stiffness. Straightening to kiss you again, I slide my thumbs into the sides of your bottoms and bend my knees, taking the material with me. I am face to face with your mound, already showing moistness and tantalizing me. Softly I kiss it, the tip of my tongue easing lightly into your slit and sliding slowly up it full length. As I suspected, you taste like this place looks?perfect in every way. I stand gradually, my lips touching you everywhere as I move upwards. Standing now, I grasp your face gently in my hands and kiss you hard, our tongues like awakened serpents tangling in a lustful dance. I feel your hands in my trunks and you tug them down?no easy feat since I am already aroused and hard. As they hit the ground, I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your breath as you lick the tip of me and kiss my stiffness lightly. The blanket we spread is most welcome as both our knees are a bit weak at this point. Sinking to it, I turn you to lie on your stomach so that I can put some tanning oil on you.

The oil is already warmed from the sun as I pour a generous amount into my hand. Starting at the back of your neck I gently rub it into your flawless skin. As I slowly cover every inch of the back of you with the amber liquid my hardness cannot help but rub against you at times. I don?t know what that touch is doing to you but every brush against you sends an electric shock through me. My hands are firm against your flesh as I knead the oil into your skin and I cannot help letting them wander a bit as I do. When I reach around and rub the sides of your breasts you sigh softly and an audible moan escapes my lips as well. As I massage your lovely rear I allow my fingertips to dip around your inner thighs. The shifting of your hips lets me know that you are enjoying this as much as I so I boldly slide a finger under you, gently massaging your mound, even allowing the fingertip to part your velvety lips and let the oil merge with your wetness there. I linger only a moment and move to your shapely legs. You are a goddess before me, glistening in the bright caress of the sun.

Holding up your hair I kiss the back of your neck tenderly and whisper that you need to roll over so that I can put lotion on the front of you. As you turn I raise up a little so that I can take in all of your gorgeous body. I tremble a bit at the sight of your breasts tipped with hard, suckable nipples and your mound soft and silky and ever so plump. Closing your eyes against the bright sun, you relax and allow me access to you. It is difficult to maintain my control as my oily hands coat your tits, taking much more time than needed, enjoying every second of contact as I feel your nipples getting even firmer under my touch. Next, I move to your stomach, enjoying the way it seems to twitch from the tickling sensation. Pausing for a moment, I move to your legs and feet. Damn, you have wonderful legs, tight and firm and shapely. All that is left is your mound and I take slow easy care to coat it well, my fingers teasing you as they dart between your lips and threaten to find your clit. Up until now you have remained nearly totally still but this new touch causes you to arch your hips against me trying force harder and deeper contact. Laying the oil aside I lay beside you on the blanket and holding your oily body close, I kiss you for what seems an eternity while my hands roam all over you. All sense of control is gone for us both and now we answer only to the calling of our bodies.

All pretense of propriety gone I kiss your throat running the tip of my tongue along its smooth curves, stopping to nibble all along the way. As my mouth moves around your chin I can see your head thrown back, allowing me access. Your eyes are closed and the only sound I can hear is the slightly labored breathing of us both. My lips meet yours you open them to me and the past kisses of gentleness have given way to those of intense passion and longing. We kiss hard, and fast, and long, our tongues deep into the hot recesses, searching for each other?tantalizing each other. My hand has found your ample breast and the heat being generated there is almost unbelievable. I can feel your nipple grow hard into my palm and I sense the need there. It is a need I share.

As the sun pours down upon us and the trees gently sway to the rhythm of our desire the moments of passion become a blur. I kiss tenderly every inch of you, my tongue tip leaving tiny trails in the oil on your skin: your stomach, your sides, your back, even dipping my tongue into your navel?teasing you with the foreshadowing it represents. My mouth finds your erect nipples and they quickly respond to the ministrations my lips and tongue have to offer. The heat is incredible and I can feel it even on this warm day. I suck upon you, my tongue drawing circles around your areola and flicking across your hard nubs. amn, you are gorgeous and I am totally lost in your body and your reaction. y hands softly stroke the inside of your thighs. he slight quivering I feel there belies the calm look I see on your face. Leaving your succulent orbs, my mouth once again seeks your own, kissing you feverishly. our hands are on my chest your fingers running through my light chest hair. I lower myself into you?for the first time our flesh touching, melding, molding into one being. The warmth of our bodies is palpable and threatens to steal the very breath from us.

Starting at your forehead and slowly working down your body I start kissing?the tip of my tongue running over the bridge of your nose, the indentation of your lip, your lips stopping to taste them deeply. start a trail that runs slowly over your chin, down your throat, between the soft mounds of your breasts, slowly across your stomach, finally stopping at your sweet pussy. he moans escaping from you are ever increasing in volume and rapidity. hrowing off any notion of slow and tender lovemaking I give in to the urge and lower my face to you. You part before me and my tongue seeks your moist, soft folds, sliding up and down sampling the wonderful nectar I find there. My goddess is truly ambrosia to the gods and I taste you as a condemned man would savor his last meal on earth. Every part of you is discovered and conquered by my seeking, probing tongue. Finally, it finds your hard button that cries out for attention. Your whole body shudders as the tip on my tongue brushes it and involuntarily you rise to meet me. Placing my mouth on you firmly and sucking gently I feel your hotness swell into me and the dance of the little death begins. Your moans are louder and more forceful now and they only drive me to intensify my activity. As you writhe beneath me I find it a challenge to stay with you, especially with all the oil, to remain in contact with that part of you that gives such intense pleasure. A final arch of your hips, one that holds itself up for an eternity, and a long sustained cry of passion and I can feel your pleasure flood me. But I will not stop. As you begin to rack with a series of mini convulsions I continue to touch the very soul of your being. Neither of us has breathed for eons and the effort has taken a toll. Finally, in sort of desperation, I feel your hands grasp my face, demanding a cessation, and pull me up to you for a deep kiss filled with longing and pleasure.

Without breaking the kiss you lean over and gently push me to my back. The moment is intoxicating and my head swims with the mere presence of you and your scent on my lips. I can feel your mouth traverse down the front of me, stopping to play along the way. When you tongue my nipples electric shocks run through me and I tremble from the touch. I scarcely am aware of the travels of your lips until I feel them pressing against my hardness. I hadn?t even noticed that I was so hard but now I can feel myself throbbing against your lips. The air is cool against my fiery skin for only a moment and then is just as quickly replaced with the steamy confines of your mouth as you take me inside. Wave after wave of powerful sensations course through my whole body, rolling on a sea that I do not control. Your mouth is incredible as it alternately sucks me deeply inside and then returns to tease the tip with just your tongue. After a moment I can finally open my eyes again and I look down to see my hardness sliding between your beautiful lips. A hand gently cups my sack carefully kneading me to greater heights. Our eyes meet and I hope you can see in mine just how good you are making me feel. Head thrown back when the sensation has reached a point of being totally intense, I emit a low growl I never knew was within me. Several times you bring me to the edge and then gently let it subside. How do you know? This is unbelievable.

Your body greasily slides up mine with your hardened nipples trailing across my stomach, my chest. My head is pounding from the desire building inside me. I can hardly contain myself as your lips brush my tingling skin. Our mouths meet and a real fire seems to flow from each to the other, sharing the flames, enjoying them, before returning them in kind. I feel your wetness slide across me and then suddenly, as we both hold our breath, you slowly ease down upon me. Inch by inch of steely hardness disappears into a steamy pool of velvet. You are so tight that I can almost feel our pulses throbbing in time with one another. Finally, you have settled down upon me and we lock our gaze, concentrating on our passion, allowing ourselves to meld and adjust to each other. Then, with you hands on my chest, and my hands teasing your nipples into an even more rigid state, you imperceptibly begin to move. Immediately the sensations course through us both and our eyes close involuntarily in an attempt to absorb every feeling and to remember them for a lifetime.

My god, you are rising and falling to a steady rhythm as my I slide into you deeply on the down stroke and all the way to the tip on the up. You hesitate at the top, teasing me, making me arch up to re-enter you, before plunging down hard onto me. Sounds of wetness fill the air and pour over me, rivulets of sweet lovemaking running across my skin. As if in some ancient ritual you writhe upon me and I do all I can to meet your every stroke. A guttural grunt escapes us both as you slam down onto me. Tiring, your pace slows and I roll up to meet, wrapping my arms around your sweat-moistened back. Without withdrawing from you, we turn and twist until you are on your back, with me buried deep inside your steaming flesh. I look into those beautiful eyes of yours for an eternity and lean down to kiss you softly, biting tenderly at full lips. As I do, I begin to stroke in and out of you, machine-like, in an ever increasing tempo. As I change the angle with nearly every stroke I can feel your velvet muscles grip me then begin to contract in an involuntary rhythm of release. I cannot hold out much longer nor do I wish to. Reaching down I hook your left leg into my arm and lift it, allowing me to plunge just a little deeper into you. Powerful strokes now, pistons at full bore, the hissing of our torn breathing like that of steam engines of the past. A low wail begins far inside you gaining in momentum until it bursts from your mouth so suddenly and unexpectedly that we flinch at the sound?but we do not stop. I can feel the torrent of hot seed move within me and gazing into your eyes I know that you wish it inside you, to mingle with your own sweet juices. Your walls squeeze me with incredible force and my rod forces its way through the clenched fist of your pussy. Now is the time?the lava inside erupts, flooding all within its path, seething in fury, reckless in abandon, never-ceasing. I feel as though my very spine has melted and flowed into you. Last strokes, spurting, gasping, feeling you squeeze every drop from my body until finally all is at rest?spent. I lower myself to you, finding your lips, softly parting them with my tongue, licking your lower lip, kissing your closed eyes. As I soften I slide slowly and reluctantly from you. Slowly I roll to my side I pull you with me and draw you close. With our naked bodies close enough to be one, I hold your head against my neck and just enjoy the closeness of you as our hearts beat together as one?as one here in our private paradise.

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