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Of Corazoand8217;n (poem)

How could I not have loved you .. Corazo`n.
In that still moment long past;
The immense sky was full of stars and vows,
You were naked, supple and tremendous,
You were simple as a rose . Corazo`n.
Slender as victory's margin.
You were as a summer's wholeness,
Spun from cloth of cathedral gold.
The blue light of that Havana midnight
Caressed the cathedral of your breasts.
I traced shadows of sunflowers on your skin
As tropical breezes folded through your hair;
Zephyrs scented with salt and sargasso.
Silken sheets played with your blissful feet.
How could I not have loved you there . Corazo`n?
The wind whirled and sang to the infinite sky.
The crystalline stars shivered my desire.
I still hear your whispered love words .Corazo`n
When Cuban winds warm the suffered night.
Once, I held your strong body close to mine
My friendships, my books, my treasures,
So carefully collected and guarded......vanished.
I became a helpless marionette . Corazo`n
Dancing on the strings of your lust.
I kissed you then with evanescent passion,
You kissed eternity onto my undeserving lips.
I kissed your infinitude as the wind sang of you.
I kissed you so, under the boundless firmament.
Your eyes, your eyes were so large, so still.
Your tranquil eyes, an oblation to my soul.
Held me prisoner at the very edge of reason.
This love is so short and oblivion looms nearby,
We are but footprints in the shifting sands. .Corazo`n

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