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My wife, Susan, had been having problems at work. She would come home every evening distraught from the events at work. Susan taught Literature and English at the local high school and a new principal was just hired. I would sit and listen to her explain how many things were changing and how she and the other teachers didn?t like the new changes. To myself it sounded like the teachers were not even giving the new principal a chance to try to improve things. She wanted things to stay the same and resisted any changes as she had just become adjusted to her new job. Susan started teaching at the high school the previous year after completing her degree and student teaching. I had to get use to the idea of her teaching at the high school and teaching all those testosterone inflated teenagers. She had what I considered and idealistic view of students as she wanted to help each and every one of them. She was quickly learning it is not just the students she must deal with. We had been married now for 5 years and I had figured out exactly how to listen to her. I was always sincere listening to her but sometimes I just was not interested in what she was saying or didn?t agree with her. I learned it was not important to try to tell her I thought she was wrong, what she needed at that time was someone to listen not someone to argue with. The television would be turned off and I always tried to have a book to read, magazine, or newspaper. These would help me keep my concentration as these simple things as she never demanded that I just sit there looking right at her and listening to her. I implemented the system of repeating back some of what she had just said so she knew I was at least listening. She did like me giving some analogies as it showed I was not only listening but trying to understand her position and basically where she was coming from.

I found myself becoming somewhat distracted as she made her way to the kitchen to put away her coffee cup and the dishes from her lunch. It was Friday and the school allowed teachers to wear jeans. The jeans she was wearing were not new but somehow my eyes focused on her butt as she walked to the kitchen. She continued talking as I decided to follow her into the kitchen. I decided I?d try to be especially good to her tonight as she had a tough two weeks. I went to the sink and washed the coffee cup and the few remaining dishes. She is the type to notice things like that and give me a weak smile and thanked me. I put water in the tea kettle to make her some tea as that always seemed to relax her. She went to her office area, we don?t have any kids and three bedrooms so we turned two of the bedrooms into offices for her and me, and put away her books and papers. I dried the dishes and put them away and went into her office. She was still telling me about the hard day she had experienced. I went over and took her by the arm and led her to her desk. She sat down in the chair as I massaged her shoulders. She closed her eyes, relaxed her shoulders, and leaned her head back. Her words became softer and she became more relaxed. I told her maybe she should just start grading her papers, as she always had homework to grade on Fridays, and that way she would have most of her work done and enjoy the weekend. I told her I?d bring her some tea and asked if she needed anything else. This was my way of getting her mind off her day at work and began to relax, not to mention that I was not really interested in what she was saying as I was distracted even more when massaging her shoulders and watching her breasts move as she had taken several deep breaths.

I brought her tea to her as she had gotten on the computer to check her email. I had hoped no one had sent her anything to do with work. A lot of the other teachers would email each other and would gossip via email about things at work. My wife was not much into the gossip but she found herself being drug into the middle of things and naturally would say what she thought but she didn?t consider what she had to say as gossip. I set the tea on a napkin on her desk and said I was going to take a shower. I worked from home so I never had a set schedule. I had gotten up late, made the bed, did some work, made several phone calls, took a nap, watched television, and just waited for Susan to get home. I hadn?t taken a shower yet and thought this would be a good way to be nice and clean and smell good as Susan loved the smell of my aftershave and cologne.

I turned on the shower, undressed, and put my clothes in the hamper. Since I had started working from home I had worked very hard at making sure I put things away, especially by not leaving clothes laying around like most men do. Susan would brag to her friends how well I kept the house up since I started working from home. The other husbands hated that I was able to work from home, have my own schedule, and especially that I cleaned up after myself. All the guys considered me ?pussy whipped? and that Susan was the one who ?wore the pants? in our house. I would just grin and tell them that I enjoyed it and it gave me a break from my work at times. The guys didn?t realize that women actually were actually turned on when their men did these things without being told. I had found Susan to be even more sensual when the house was clean and she didn?t need to ask me to do anything. (To the guys reading this, take a day and do the dishes, laundry, vacuum, make the bed, dust, and get the house clean then you?ll discover how sensual women will be that night.) The way I was able to focus and make sure things were clean and organized was rather strange to most people. I considered keep the house clean as foreplay. Susan had a keen sense of smell and enjoyed the aroma of a clean house, candles, and especially when I had just taken a shower. The water was nice and hot by now as I stepped into the shower and heard Susan talking on the phone. I figured she had called her mother as her mother lived out west.

The hot water over my body was so soothing. After a nice hot shower I always felt refreshed and awake. This time I actually followed the directions on the shampoo bottle; wash, rinse, repeat. Susan had bought some shampoo that smelled like coconuts. It was more expensive but I found the aroma to be exotic. Even the conditioner had the same aroma. I stepped out of the shower as the water beaded up on my skin. I didn?t bother drying off as I wrapped a towel around my waist as I combed my hair and brushed my teeth. We both always made sure we kept ourselves clean, especially our teeth. I looked in the mirror as I flossed and thought about how crooked my teeth were. I had never had straight teeth and it was difficult keeping them clean. People seemed not to notice I had such crooked teeth but I think that was because I did take care of my teeth and kept them nice and white. The dentist was always trying to get me to get my teeth straightened but I never really had the desire to spend the thousands of dollars it would take to straighten them as I hadn?t even had one cavity in years. Susan didn?t seem to mind either since I did keep my teeth clean and healthy. I jumped as Susan knocked on the bathroom door asking if I was in the shower. I opened the door as she saw me standing there, surrounded by the steam, and saw me wearing nothing but the towel wrapped around me. The cool air from the hallway swept over me and I could tell she smelled the aroma of coconuts. She grinned and asked me what I wanted for dinner. I suggested we go out for dinner, somewhere not too fancy but romantic too. She like the idea and decided to take a shower while I got dressed and decided where to go to eat. I took her in my arms and gave her a small kiss. Even though I had beads of water on me she hugged me as she went in the bathroom to take a shower. I went to the bedroom and decided I would just wear a pair of jeans, a colored dress shirt, and my boots. The cologne was just about empty and had to make a note to tell Susan to get some more. Susan did all the shopping as she knew I didn?t like going to the stores or like shopping much. The shower was running as I finished getting dressed and decided I?d call ahead and make some reservations. We had several restaurants we liked and I preferred to call ahead and make a reservation rather than waiting in line. Fridays were especially busy at most of the restaurants in town. I called one of our favorite restaurants and made reservations for 7pm and requested we have a table away from everyone else. Fortunately the lady answering the phone remembered us and arranged the reservations to meet our requests.

I heard Susan get out of the shower and was tempted to help her get ready. Susan had what I considered the perfect body. She stood 5?4? which was perfect as her forehead would reach right to my mouth. When we would go dancing my lips could kiss her forehead and she enjoyed resting her head on my chest as we slow danced. I recalled on our wedding night seeing her naked for the first time. I had been married before but she was still a virgin and was ten years my junior. We had of course been passionate while dating as she had let me glide my hands over her breasts and she had felt between my legs but we had both decided to wait until we were married. The passion of that first night had never left us as we continued our sexual desire for each other as it continued to grow. She of course wore a white wedding dress and was quite difficult to remove. Her wedding dress was strapless with her gleaming shoulders exposed. The top of her chest was smooth and tan. She had taken care in choosing her dress as she was embarrassed by the smallness of her breasts. The top of her wedding dress was snug around her small waist and then spread down to her ankles with silk fabric. The dress had a small train which she had looped up inside of the dress. Susan had designed dresses and she helped design her wedding dress with the help of a designer who specialized in wedding dresses. I remember how on our wedding night I carried her through the doorway. She didn?t want me to do that but I insisted. I carried her through the doorway and shut the door with my foot. I carried her straight to the bedroom where we stood and kissed for several minutes. Her lips were softer than ever before. Her eyes sparkled. Her skin was naturally dark and tan and she smelled of roses. We held each other close as we kissed and rubbed our hands over each other?s back. I felt her breasts against me as our sexual passion intensified. She reached up and slid my jacket off. She then undid my bow tie and unbutton my collar. The room felt warm as she let the bow tie drop to the floor. I lifted her chin up to my lips as we continued to kiss. I felt her hands reach to my belt and undid the clasp. I reached around her back and felt the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly I unzipped the back of her dress as her lips moved down from mine and moved to my neck. Her lips reached my collar as she then reached up to unbutton my shirt. My chest heaved with excitement as I felt her lips on my chest. With each button she unbuttoned her lips would move slowly down my chest.

After the last button was undone I stepped back and untucked my shirt. She let her dress drop down around her waist as I saw the white strapless bra supporting her breasts. Susan took off my cufflinks as she pulled my shirt down my arms. She pressed herself against my bare chest as I felt her inhale the aroma of the cologne she had bought me to wear. Her lips were next to my nipples as I felt her take her tongue and lick one of my nipples. I reached around her back again and undid the clasps to her bra and was excited of the thought of seeing her breasts for the first time. Her back was smooth as I undid the last clasp and ran my hands up and down her back as she continued to run her tongue over my chest. She stepped back and let her bra fall to the floor. Her breasts were small and round. She had small nipples and saw they were already hard. She had really no need for a bra as her breasts were firm and needed no support. I took my hands and rubbed her breasts gently rubbing her hard nipples between my fingers. She leaned back her head and I could feel her take a deep breath. I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth as she gasped with excitement. I put my hands on her back and pressed her breasts against my lips. Her head leaned on my shoulder and felt her hands on my side. Her breasts were firm yet very soft and tender. I slowly ran my tongue down her slim stomach and gently pulled down her dress. Her dress fell around her ankles as I placed my hands on her hips. I felt her hands move there way to my bare back as she sighed sensuously. She was wearing a white pair of underwear which were not quite as small as a bikini. I grabbed the sides of her panties and slowly moved them down her hips as I continued to run my tongue down further. I could feel her begin to tremble as I pulled her panties down to her ankles.

Susan always took good care of herself which was evident by the way her pussy looked and smelled. She had a very small patch of hair that was very closely trimmed on her pussy. I put my hand over the small patch of hair as she stepped out of her panties and dress. She moved over to the bed and sat down on the edge and reached to the waist of my pants. I let my shirt fall to the floor and moved closer to her. She leaned forward, kissing my smooth abs and undid my pants. I could feel my penis get hard as she unzipped my pants and put her hand over my half hard cock. My pants fell to my ankles as she ran her lips over my cock which was under my boxers. I felt her take her hand and slide it under my boxers and onto my ass. She worked her hand further down as my boxers made their way down over my hips. She then took her other hand and slid my boxers to my knees and kissed the base of my cock. I too took good care of myself and kept my pubic hair nice and short. I felt her hand reach up and rub my bare chest and move down to my cock. With one hand she raised the shaft of my cock up and with her other hand caressed my hairless balls. Her touch made my dick harder and felt the tip of my dick get wet with precum. My chest heaved as I felt her lips kiss the base of my cock and her tongue lick my balls. Even though she was a virgin we had openly discussed what I liked sexually and what she imagined it would be like. I reached down and lifted her up so we were standing face to face as I pressed her lips to mine. My boxers fell to my ankles as my dick pressed against her soft stomach and her breasts pressed against me. We held each other close as we ran our hands across each other?s body. I stepped out of my boxers and pants and leaned her back onto the bed. It was late evening and the glow of the sunset made it way through the cracks of the blinds. The orange glow from the sunset made her skin look very dark and tan. I reached over and lit a candle which I had already set out in preparation. I could see the flame of the candle glisten in her eyes as I climbed into the bed next to her. The aroma of the candle quickly made its way into the air as the scent of lilacs filled the room. I rubbed my hand over her breasts as she took her hand and held my swelling cock. She felt the precum on the tip of my dick as she continued to gently rub her hand up and down my cock. I rolled her on her back as I kissed her chin and then moved down to her neck. Her hands moved to the back of my head as she ran my hair through her fingers. I moved my mouth to her breasts and rolled my tongue over her nipples. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed her breasts harder against me. I felt her hips move as her breaths became deeper. I ran my hand up and down the inside of her thighs as I continued licking her sensuous body.

When I reached her pussy I took one hand and place it between her crotch. I felt the dampness of her pussy and could feel the excitement running through her body. As soon as my hand touched her clit for the very first time she let out a gentle moan as she moved her hips towards me. My tongue touched her clit as I used my finger to slide open the lips of her pussy. She was rubbing her hands over the back of my head as she moved my face closer to her pussy. My fingers moved the lips of her clit as I ran my tongue between them. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. She had always told me that she wanted me to be inside of her first and didn?t want me to use my fingers first. I was very careful not to put my fingers inside of her and could see the opening to her vagina was extremely small and was a light shade of pink. She lifted my head and looked into my eyes and said she wanted me inside of her. I moved on top of her as she spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Our lips met as she could taste her own juices still on my tongue and lips. My cock rubbed against the inside of her thighs as I began to move my hips so my cock would rub against her wet pussy. Her breathing intensified as she wrapped her arms around me. I reached down with one hand and rubbed the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy. My cock was getting wet from her juices as I prepared to enter her. She moved her lips to my ear as she gently nibbled on my earlobe. She whispered she wanted me inside of her and could feel her move her hips up in preparation. There was no need to guide my cock to the opening of her vagina. I felt the tip of my cock begin to open her up. I felt the tightness of her opening as I slowly inserted my cock. The head of my cock wasn?t even in yet when she began to gasp for air. I could tell the pressure of my cock was penetrating her. Her back arched and she began to tremble. I held her tight against me as I continued to slowly move by cock inside of her. I swear I heard a pop as the tip of my cock finally penetrated inside of her. She let out a moan as I felt her fingertips dig into my back. I looked into her sparkling eyes as she told me how good it felt for me to be inside of her. Her legs wrapped tighter around me as I slid my cock in further. She closed her eyes and let out several moans. I felt the tightness of the inside of her pussy wrap around my cock as I slid further and further inside of her. I only had my cock halfway in and I could tell she had already reached her limits. In small motions I slid my cock back and forth inside of her. Her fingernails gently scratched my back as she began moving her hips with my motions. I knew she had thought my entire dick was inside of her as I was fucking her in small strokes. The passion grew and I wanted to have my cock completely inside of her. I took my dick out of her and positioned myself so I could get my cock lubed with more of her juices. Then I slowly put my cock back inside of her as I felt her tight pussy wrap around me. Just when the head of my cock was inside of her I thrust my hips down and put my dick all the way inside. I felt her wetness against my balls as she let out a scream. Her fingernails dug into my back again as I grabbed her tight around me and pressed my lips on her?s. She grabbed the back of my head as I kept my cock buried deep inside of her. I could feel her chest as she gasped, trying to relax herself. Her lips moved off of my as she moaned and let out shrills. I began moving my cock in and out of her with deep long strokes. Each time I buried my cock all the way into her she would moan, gasp, and let out a shrill scream. Her hips soon were moving in rhythm of each of my thrusts. It seem my cock was getting even harder with each stroke and going deeper inside of her.

I felt a gush of wetness spill out of her pussy and against the balls of my cock. Her breaths became shorter and faster. I started fucking her faster as the wetness of her pussy lubed my cock. I could feel the sensation I was about ready to come and my own breaths became deeper. My chest heaved in and out as she pressed her face against my chest. My chin was on top of her head as I could smell the sweet aroma of her hair. My cock swelled up more as I finally released a burst of cum deep inside of her. I buried my cock all the way inside of her as I continued to shoot my load inside. I gasped for air as I could feel load after load shooting into her wet cunt. My cock began to twitch inside of her as every last drop of my cum was being release. She lifted her head up and pressed her lips against mine again. Both our bodies were trembling as we held each other and I kept my cock buried inside of her. I could tell my cock was still hard and started moving it slowly back and forth with small strokes. I could feel the warmth of my cum move down the shaft of my cock and lube the inside of her pussy. I felt some of the warm cum begin to work its way out of her and against my balls. I resumed fucking her again as she let out another moan and could feel her juices release again. I felt my cock build up with excitement and continued fucking her with longer and deeper strokes again. I felt the wetness of her pussy against me and my balls were completely wet. I could feel the mixture of her juices and my cum slapping against us with each thrust. I felt myself cumming again and decided to shoot my cum onto her pussy. I leaned back onto my knees as my cock slid out and at the same time release a load of cum right onto her clit. My cock pulsated with each load of cum I shot. My cum was covering her pussy as she reached her hands down and rubbed my cum around the lips of her clit. I took one of her hands and moved it to her lips and I laid back on top of her. She opened her mouth as I placed her fingers on her tongue. I reached down and place my cock back into her as she closed her mouth around her fingers. I felt my cock slide more easily into her as her opening had adjusted to the size of my cock. We laid there for several minutes with me on top of her and my cock halfway inside of her. Our breathing slowed and she wrapped her legs around me again.

The ringing of the phone brought me back to my senses and I heard Susan ask if I was going to get the phone. I picked up the phone and found out someone had dialed the wrong number. The interruption of the ringing phone made me realize it was almost 6:30 and we needed to leave to get to the restaurant. Susan had finished getting dressed and came out and asked me how she looked. She had put on a light blue skirt with a white blouse. Seeing her in the white blouse quickly brought back the memories of our wedding night and how much I wanted to take her to the bedroom. I told her should looked beautiful, as always, and I always meant it. I told her the call was a wrong number and made the excuse the restaurant was busy and we couldn?t get reservations. She looked disappointed but I told her that maybe it was best we just stay home for the evening. I told her to just set the table and we?d just order Chinese to be delivered and I?d call the place and make the order. She went to the kitchen to set the table as I went to the phone to cancel our reservations. The same waitress answered the phone as I let her know our plans had changed. The waitress was very understanding as I hung up the phone and placed an order to have some Chinese food delivered. After hanging up the phone I went in the kitchen and stood behind Susan and wrapped my arms around her. Our new plans were just beginning.

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