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"If you lived with me, you wouldn't be up at 1:30." His voice spoke to
me through the telephone, warm, soft and sensual. I had just told him of
my rather lonely Friday night adventures in the writing of an essay on
political ideology at ungodly hours in the early morning. "You know what
I mean, don't you?"

"Mmm-hmmm," I replied, glad to see that he seemed to be in an amorous
mood. I had been melting with sheer desire ever since I'd spoken to him
several hours before. Now it was eleven P.M. and I wanted him even more.
He'd just informed me that he was laying on his bed, watching TV, stark
naked. All sorts of visions, generally involving me joining him there,
were running through my mind.

"I think I'd probably have exhausted you, and I think you'd be sound
asleep next to me. Of course, you could do whatever you wanted, if you
wanted to be sitting at the computer typing. But I don't think that's
what you'd want to be doing."

"No, it isn't," I agreed. More than anything, I just wanted to be near
him then, at that precise moment. I didn't want him to be in
Massachussetts and me in New Jersey. I wanted him to be here or me to be

"You know, I'm thinking about taking all your clothes off right now.
Wouldn't that be nice?" I quickly agreed that yes, it would be
verrr-rrr-rrry nice. "And I'm thinking about rubbing my hard cock all
over your inner lips. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes," I murmured, somewhat breathlessly. I could tell from the
slight drop in his voice that he was entering extremely erotic territory
and that he was taking a very eager me with him. I was shedding my
pajamas quite quickly.

"I'm laying here with a nine-inch throbbing hard erection now. It's
jutting up, just begging to be rubbed all over your inner lips and your
clitoris, straight from your perineum to your clitoris, up and down, up
and down..." His voice was all gentle murmurs and whispers by now.
"Mmmm, yes, I'd rub it all over your pussy, all over your silken hairs
and your velvety skin. My cock is so hard now, aching to be inside you,
to fill you, it's like a steel rod, hard warm flesh, all for you. At the
same time I'd kiss your lips and your neck..."

I was moaning softly and lightly teasing one nipple, and then my
clitoris with my free hand, completely immersed in his erotic vision. I
was dripping wet. My body called out to his to satisfy me.

"Just then the phone rings, and you reach over to answer it. You're
sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to deal with the business the
call is about, and wanting to return to me. I'm sitting behind you, and
rubbing my cock all over your back, and your neck, and your arms, over
the back of your ribs and the sides of your breasts, under ypur arms, in
your armpits. I'm marking you with my scent, marking you as my
woman....I'm putting some oil on the tip f my cock and rubbing it on the
front of you, your belly, your breasts...You're finding it impossible to
concentrate on the conversation, you don't want to concentrate. You hang
up as soon as possible. I leave the phone off the hook. No more
interruptions tonight."

I never knew that any set of two people could be this tuned in to each
other's desires. I never had a lover so intensely erotic, so deeply
loving. I never knew there could be such a meeting of minds and bodies
and hearts.

"And I roll you over and start kissing you all over, kissing your
breasts, suckling on your nipples, darting my tongue all around..." My
nipples were standing up, hard like little pebbles as he continued on. I
wet my finger in my mouth and traced around the puffy pink aureolae. My
mind told me my fingers were his tongue. I was drifting in a world of
desire. "...all over your nipples, suckling and licking and kissing your
delicious soft breasts. Then I'd walk around to the side of our bed,
where your mouth is, and I usualy don't want this, but I'd ask you to
suck my cock. Would you do that for me?"

He was really asking. It was amazing that he was so unsure of himself.
If I'd said "no", he would have continued. But I had no intention of
saying no. I was hungry for his cock, hungry for him. My only regret was
that he was not here, that I couldn't lick and suck on his magnificent
cock for real. "Yes, ohhhh, yes!" I replied enthusiastically.

"You'd lick up and down the shaft, covering me with your wet tongue, and
you'd put the head inside your mouth. And you'd lick and suck on me--oh,
that feels so fucking great, oh love--"

"I'd run my tongue all over your cock, I'd suck you in like I couldn't
get enough of you, my warm moist mouth caressing and enveloping your
hard, gorgeous, throbbing cock, mmmm, honey--"

"Ohhh, my love, I've got to pull out, roll back on the bed, over you,
I'm kissing your face, from your hairline down to your eyelids, to your
eyebrows, to your cheeks and your chin and your nose and your lips,
kissing you deeply and passionately, back to your breasts and down, down
to your belly-button, continuing inexorably down until I reach your
silken hairs. I part your lips with my tongue and start to return the
favor, sucking on your clitoris, licking up and down your lips, opening
you with my tongue, spreading your hot lips, parting your folds with my
tongue, and I want to get my tongue inside you, in all your inner folds,
I've built up a lot of muscles in my tongue from kissing you, darling,
licking at all your inner folds inside your vagina with my tongue, oh
God honey, I have to be inside you...I crawl up and start kissing your
neck, licking to your the same time I'm entering you--ohhh, so
hot and moist and tight, sooo good, I just have to be inside you--I must
have you, I love you, I need you, my heart belongs to you, oh my

"Mmmm, honey, I love you too..need you too...belong to you...want you so
much.." I picture him above me, his face, his eyes on mine, my hands
running over his back.

"And you slide up a little so I'm inside you all the way, you're taking
my whole length, I'm so big I'm touching the entrance to your uterus...
your legs wrap around me and we're fucking and it's so right that we're
fucking because we fit together so well, like we were created to fuck
each other...mmm, love, so fucking good...."

And for minutes, all that can be heard are low guttural moans and soft
wailing cries and deep wild grunts and then my fluttering scream and his
groans of contentment as we cum. Then deep, heavy breathing and sighs of

"Oh, honey, I'm still hard. I'm glad because my cock has got a lot of
work to do, making you cum as much as possible. I love being inside you.
I can feel our secretions begin to trickle out over my balls...your
delicious pussy is so welcoming and warm and soooo moist...I pull you up
so we're sort of sitting on each other, still fucking nice and
move your hips in a circular motion so we're grinding against each
other..I take some warm almond oil and put my arms around you and start
to rub it all over your back, massaging you as I fuck you..the back of
you is covered with the oil from my hands, the front of you is covered
with the oil from my cock, I'm holding your slick body and I pull you in
for a deep, long kiss and oh God, love, I love fucking you...fucking
you..fucking you....I'm gonna cum again!!!"

I love listening to him cum. I could listen to those supremely erotic
noises he makes all day.

"Now I want to lick your ass...I roll you over and spread your cheeks,
licking all along the crack, licking up and down, up and down, all
around your little rosebud hole, down to your perineum and back up to
your asshole, I'm riming you, licking all over it, plunging my tongue in
deep, past the sphincter, as deep as I can...I want to rim you
thoroughly to show you how much I love you..I lick all inside you, ohhh
YES, and then I kiss your buttocks all over, every available inch of
flesh I kiss and lick, ohhh, my cock is throbbing again, I slide it all
over your buttocks and in your crack and I want to take you there but I
know you aren't ready, so I plunge into your pussy from behind deep and
hard deep and hard in and out in and out holding you to me, reching
around, feeling your belly and your breasts, reaching around and playing
with your clitoris, pulling on it, rubbing it, rubbing up and down it
like it's a little penis, like it's a little erect penis, and ohhh, it
is erect...."

I am in some kind of sexual haze and just start cumming and cumming and
not stopping, him continuing his detailed description of just how he's
fucking me and just what he's doing to my hard throbbing clit. I soon
hear the sounds of him joining me in a stupendously shattering orgasm.
When I return to earth, he asks me if I'm satisfied. The answer is, of
course, a resounding "yes!!!"

"I'm not done...I want to go down on you. I slide down your body. I want
to lick out all of our combined secretions, your cum and my cum
combined, I'm thrusting my tongue deep inside you, licking your folds,
suckling you, placing my lips inside your labia, devouring you. Oh
darling, your pussy is sooo delicious, so good. I just love this, this
is my favorite thing in the world, I want to bury my whole face inside
you, ohhh, I want to eat you dry. I'm using my fingers, gathering up
some of your sweet, delicious nectar and rubbing it over my chest, and I
get some more and rub it all over my face, and some more over my arms,
and in my armpits. I want you to mark me with your scent, so that
everyone can tell that I'm your man. I'd want to go out in public like
this and everyone who came near me could tell that we had been together,
that I belonged to you. And all day I could smell it and it would remind
me of tonight..."

I was melting at his soft, erotic words. My body craved one thing--him.
I think we could stay in bed together for our entire lives and derive
sustenance solely from each other.

"I'd reach over to the drawer and pull out our vibrator and run it over
your hard little nipples and then place it on your clitoris at just that
certain angle that you love..." I'm following his words with my own
vibrator at this point, feeling so good, so awash in sheer eroticism.
"You can feel the vibrations running through your hard little clitoris,
all over your erotic center, throughout your body, you can feel the
vibrating sensations, at the same time I'm suckling and licking at your
pussy, fucking you with my tongue, licking at all your delicious moist
folds, I can feel the tension as you near orgasm, as you get more and
more excited I can feel it all in my tongue, all the vibrations running
through your body..."

I cry out. My body is trembling in my bed, I'm shaking, my vibrator on
my clitoris, my hands dancing over my body, cumming and cumming in a
spiral of sheer pleasure where nothing exists but him and me and our
bed, where I'm dissolving and unifying all at once, wrenching and
quaking. I can hear his voice..

"Mmmm, yes, I'm watching you as you're cumming. I love watching you cum,
I love the way your beautiful body trembles and quivers. I love watching
you cum and cum and cum, seeing you in the middle of your orgasm, at the
height of your pleasure, you are magnificent. I am just watching you
release yourself totally, let go of all your controls, just abandon
yourself to erotic pleasure, oh love, what a sight that is to behold as
you cum..." I'm slowly coming down from those ecstatic uncontrollable
flying peaks. "And what is the vision in your mind? Do you feel the many
hands on you? The hands and hands and hands and erect penises, men and
men and men all watching you cum, you in the center of them..they are
only there to give you pleasure...and then the vision clears and it is
just me in bed with you, holding you tightly, clasping your body to

He has such a way with words, even in the heat of passion. I don't know
how he does it. I don't want him to ever stop. All I feel everywhere is
warmth and delight and absoute contentment. He murmurs soft words to me;
he knows I need to come down slowly. He whispers to me of how he loves
me and how he is my man, my man is with me, of how I am his woman, soft,
soft whispers.

"Thank you for sucking my cock. It usually isn't what I want, but
tonight, when you did that, it just sent a surge through me...I wouldn't
have asked if I truly thought you'd mind. I never want you to do
anything you don't want to, my love, never."

"Oh, honey," I replied softly and quickly, loving his thoughtfulness, "I
wanted to. I want all of you. I love your cock. I love your body. I love

"I love you, too, my darling. I've fallen so hard for you. All I want to
do is be with you. The distance is unbearable sometimes. I'd be so happy
just to be inside you always. But I want to take you dancing, to dinner,
to movies and bookstores and lectures and meetings...I just want to be
near you. I feel so close to you now, it's as if you were here in this
bed with me.." I felt it too, it felt like we were
together. Rather like if I abandoned my rational thought just enough,
his arms were around me and his lips were at my ear.

"And then, by 1:30, we would be fast asleep in each other's arms. I am
so exhausted and I can feel you starting to drift off too...I keep
caressing you, ever so slowly and know in the morning I'll
want to have you again, but for now we can sleep, enfolded in each
other's okay? Call me tomorrow, love."

"I will, honey." I hated this parting, this breaking of connection. I
knew that he did too. Our voices were full of longing and melancholy and
simultaneously, satisfied contentment.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I heard the click and I hung up the phone on the
bedside table. I hugged my pillow close. I soon fell asleep, but not
before a few tears escaped my eyes, for the soft, squishy pillow felt
nothing like his warm, strong chest.

I dreamt that night that he held me close.

End of Story

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