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Going Shopping - Romance

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Going Shopping

She was beautiful. Tall, well over five seven with flowing blond hair that cascaded over her bare shoulders. She was wearing a green floral lace slip dress with spaghetti straps that shimmered with each step and accentuated every curve of her shapely body.

Eric was setting on a bench in the rotunda of the mall when he first spotted her. His eyes followed her every movement as he watched her stop at a store window. She walked from store to store, stopping to window shop whenever her eyes saw something interesting. Eric stood and walked slowly, keeping pace with her movements, his eyes focused on her voluptuous body, his mind enjoying the sight of her well-formed hips as she walked, no, glided, from store to store.

Eric paced himself attempting to stay about twenty feet behind her but occasionally walking past, diverting his eyes so she wouldn?t notice his interest in her. As he passed her the second time, he noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring, a fact that only heightened his attraction. She had stopped and was looking in the window of Victoria?s Secret, her eyes focusing on a scantly clad mannequin wearing a pleated pink lace babydoll.

Might as well give it a shot, he reasoned, walking up to the same window and pausing just inches from her. ?That would look a lot better on you!? he commented, his eyes catching hers and holding them for an instant. The connection lasted only seconds but he felt the sexual energy that flickered between them.

?Thanks!? she mumbled, her eyes moving up and down his body before locking on his eyes once more. For a moment, the world stood still, their eyes locked on each other, the physical attraction very apparent. ?I was wondering if you were just going keep following me or make a move to meet me!? she said, her eyes twinkling as if to soften the tension of the moment. ?My name is Allison!? she finished, extending her hand.

?So, you knew I was following you all along!? he mused, somewhat chagrinned at being found out. ?Hi! I?m Eric,? he said, taking her hand in his, feeling the body heat radiating from her palm.

?I still think it would look better on you,? he said, turning to look at the scantly clad mannequin in the window.

?I?ll be right back!? she said, a mischievous smile crossing her face. She turned and walked inside the store leaving him starring at her swaying ass as she wandered around the store until she found what she was looking for. Turning toward the window, she held the diaphanous outfit against her body for him to see. ?You like?? she mouthed silently. Eric nodded his approval and gave her thumbs up. Smiling, she turned and took the delicate sleepwear to the counter, paid for it then walked back to where Eric was waiting, his eyes glued to her every movement.

?I would love to see you in that!? he muttered, pointing to the Victoria?s bag in her hand, his eyes locking on hers again. ?Perhaps we could get to know each other over lunch!? he offered, pointing toward the area of the mall where the restaurants were located. For the next hour they laughed, ate and talked, enjoying each other?s company. The conversation was mostly small talk and the sharing of a few personal details. As they left the restaurant, Eric reiterated his desire to see her in the Victoria outfit and was surprised when she didn?t rebuke him.

?The mall isn?t exactly the best place for a gal to model this kind of an outfit!? she giggled, trying to make light of the subject. ?I?m sure the men would like it but I suspect that the women would have me arrested!? she continued, almost laughing at the thought.

?My motor home is in the parking lot! You can try it on there!? he suggested, not quite sure how she would react. He half expected her to slap his face and run and was shocked when she took him by the hand and walked toward the exit.

?Where?s your motor home?? she asked as they walked out the door to the parking lot that bordered Arden Way.

?Over there!? he said pointing to white and blue Southwind coach that he had parked at the far end of the lot.

As they approached the coach, he took the key from his pocket and unlocked the door, stepping back to allow her to enter. He had left the generator running and the air turned on. She felt the cool air rush past her as she stepped inside. His eyes followed her every movement as he followed her, closing the door behind them.

?Very nice!? she said, looking around the nicely furnished coach. ?Do you live in this?? she asked, turning to face him, her body only inches from his.

?Most of the time!? he answered, his breath coming in short gasps. She had mesmerized him, her perfume seemed to beckon him, her eyes held his, and he was momentarily frozen, almost unable to speak or move. ?Sit down!? he was finally able to say, pointing to the plush couch behind the captains chair.

Sitting, she folded her legs, one over the other. They were a thing of beauty, encased in dark nylons and capped with delicate 3-inch heels. ?You are very beautiful!? he commented as he walked to the refrigerator and extracted a cold bottle of Chardonnay. ?Care for a glass of wine?? he asked. Not waiting for her answer as he poured two glasses. Turing, he handed one to her then held up his glass in a toast. ?To you and Victoria?s Secret? he toasted. ?May the two of you join together in a thing of beauty!? he finished taking a long drink of the tart liquid.

?Oh yes! That is why were here, isn?t it!? she giggled returning the salute. ?Perhaps I should excuse myself and see what we can do about that!? she continued laughingly. Standing, she picked up the Victoria?s bag and headed for the bedroom pulling the sliding door shut behind her.

As soon as the door closed, Eric took another long swig of wine, draining his glass. His body was tense in anticipation of what was about to happen. He paced nervously back and forth then decided he better sit down least his legs give way and he found himself on the floor. It took Allison a good ten minutes to change and it seemed like an eternity to Eric. Finally she called out and slid the door open, peeking around it. ?Are you ready for this!? she asked, and then slid the door all the way open to reveal the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. She stood there dr*ped by the translucent garment, her body totally revealed.

He could clearly see her clean shaven pussy and the dark aureoles that surrounded her ample nipples. She was absolutely stunning and he found himself unable to speak or move. ?My God, Your beautiful!? he finally managed to utter as he tried to stand. Once on his feet he walked cautiously toward her, his eyes moving over her entire body before locking on the dark green eyes that so mesmerized him. He stood still for a few seconds, and then leaned forward touching her lips with his. It was a soft, feather light kiss, lips hardly touching. He felt her lips respond and her tongue flick against his and the kiss became more and more urgent. He pulled her tightly to him, enfolding himself in her arms. Her head fell back, eyes closed, as his tongue snaked inside her warm mouth. Her hand moved to his head pulling it to her, kissing him hard, her lips lingering on his as she kissed him again and again.

She moaned at the soft touch of his hands as they slid over her body, drifting over her breasts, hips and thighs. She trembled with lust as his skillful hands moved over her body. His hands caressed her slim hips, slowly sliding upward over her waist then up and down the sides of her breasts, pressing lightly with his palms, kissing her as she did so. Her breasts were soft but firm and he kissed his way down to suck on a ripe nipple through the soft lace. Her hand moved down his body to explore the enormous lump in his pants causing the rapidly building fire inside him to become more intense. His hands cupped her ass and began a slow journey to the bottom of the lacy material, lifting it slowly and carefully until he could slide his fingers inside the skimpy g-string panties. He slid the tiny piece of lace down her legs caressing the white cheeks of her ass as he pushed them from her body.

Her hairless cunt was now totally visible to his hungry eyes. Any trace of pubic hair had been carefully removed from the soft pink folds of flesh. He softly caressed her inner thigh, gently pushing her legs apart and rubbing just the right places. Holding her tightly in his arms, he gently pushed her backward until her legs hit the bottom of the bed. With another gentle push she fell backward, his strong-arms lowering her to the bed. He dropped to the floor between her legs, his eyes glued to the enticing white gleaming skin of her inner thighs. Leaning forward, he kissed the inside of her legs, slowly working his way upward toward her waiting clit.

?Ohhhh Fuckkkkk!? she screamed as his mouth reached its intended destination and closed over her wet pussy. He dove between her legs and devoured her ravishing cunt. She spread her legs wider as his tongue flicked hotly against her eager flesh. She arched her pelvis up to meet his mouth, her body aching for the touch of his hot tongue. His hands pawed at her breast as he burrowed his face in her sweet smelling vagina. His tongue teased and probed, sliding up and down the soft folds of flesh. He slid it in as far as he could then resumed the rhythmic licking of her enflamed cunt.

His hands continued pawing at her breasts, her nipples straining at his touch as he kneaded them and tweaked the nipples. Her tits were firm, full and delicious, shaped like small melons. He moved upward, his body covering hers, his pelvis pressed against her naked flesh. His hands pushed the lace over her stomach, his lips trailing the hem as it slid upward and off her body. He kissed his way back down to her chest then tongued first one nipple then the other, pushing her tits together so he could easily move back and forth between them. She screamed again as his hot lips closed over the taut nipples. She grasped him by the hair, pulling his face tightly against her breast, coaxing his tongue to taste and tantalize them. ?Suck me, suck my tits!? she moaned, her chest rising and falling excitedly under him.

She slid her hands between their bodies and gently pushed him away from her, sitting up as he moved back. His erection was very evident and was threatening to explode in his pants. Her hands deftly unzipped his fly then gently lifted his huge cock from its hiding place. His cock was thick and long. She cupped his heavy balls in one hand and curved the other around his hardness moving it up and down working the foreskin back and forth. His tormented cock throbbed and expanded even more. She stroked him then bent to kiss the throbbing knob, holding it against her velvety cheek. ?Its beautiful!? she murmured as she circled his cock with her red lips and began to lick her way toward his balls. She took as much of him as she could, squeezing it with her lips as he bucked and moaned under the jabbing of her tongue. Wild little noises escaped her as she licked and slurped her way from the base of his cock all the way to the velvety tip, all the while stroking his balls with her fingers.

?Fuck me!? she commanded, grasping his cock as she fell backward, her fingers guiding his manhood to her pink wet cunt. His cock slid delightfully inside her wet cunt, sending thrills through his entire body. He felt her flesh stretch then close itself around his jerking cock. Her breath was coming in rasping gasps as she moved with him, her hands pulling on his ass, forcing him deeper inside her. His huge member slid deeper, filling her completely. He moved slowly inside her forcing himself to go deeper. The tempo slowly increased as he pushed harder, sending his cock deep inside her. Her legs spread wide, her toes curled and pointed to the sky. In and out, in and out, the tempo ever increasing, faster and faster, deeper and harder until he felt himself reaching the edge. His body tightened then let go sending his warm juices spurting inside, flooding her womb, and washing her insides with his warm love as wave after wave of passion surged through them both.

?Ohhhh fuck, ohhhh fuckkkkkkk!? she screamed again and again in wave after wave of orgasmic delight. Every move of his cock sent new waves surging through her body until they finally began to subside. He rolled to his side, pulling her with him; his cock still buried deep inside her.

He gently kissed her lips and nose, his eyes smiling into hers. ?You were wonderful!? he whispered. ?We must do this again sometime!? he said softly caressing the softness of her face.

?It was a great fantasy,? she said, smiling back at him. She leaned forward; giving him one last kiss then pulled her body free and moved away.

?What a great wife I?ve got!? he thought as he watched her remove the blond wig just as the bathroom door closed.

While she was in the bathroom becoming his wife once again, he pulled on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and walked to the cab. Retrieving the keys he started the coach and drove out of the parking lot and on to the freeway, his mind already planning their next adventure.

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