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Faint Whisper

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She parks her car near a vista, overlooking an empty beach, where the sand has been windswept meeting the road. She was pensive with thought and needed to be alone to sort her anxious feelings out. Her drive brought her here.

It was mid December but unusually warm. Exiting the car, she removed her shoes and shuffled down the pitched embankment. As she reached the level of the beach, she undid her upper blouse buttons to better feel the subtle breeze glide through her shirt and wash over her skin.

She put her head back to face the sun. The light danced across her features playfully. She felt the sun's relaxing warmth flow deep into her, melting away some tension. "This is nice, I needed this" she reflected.

With shoes still in hand and arms extended she closed her eyes and turned in slow circles letting the dizzying sensation take hold and weave her thoughts into a dreamy abstraction. The world was not the only thing spinning. Her life has been traversing the same boundaries, in circles, repeating everything, and the redundant drama left her feeling caged and lifeless. She struggled to find the handle of the escape portal to her freedom and her desires.

Her relationship was now going on 5 years. Her affluent mate was of stern demeanor. He addressed all issues with austere expression and grim necessity; including his concept of making love. She had submitted to the convenience of this passionless accord at a cost that was becoming too great a burden to bear. She needed romance and yearned for tender euphoric exaltation. The desolate facades of her life enveloped and stifled her feminine essence. She was suffocating. She needed to breathe. This yearning was being so deeply concentrated on, that she didn?t realize she had been holding her breath for almost a minute. Her heart was beating fiercely by the time she finally let the fresh ocean air filled her lungs. The tightness in her chest diminished.

She dropped to her knees in the warm sand, and looked into the blue distance out to sea. The constant lapping of the waves was hypnotic in nature and would aid her escape into the salvation of her sanity, her fantasies of Michael.

Michael was fit and carried himself with a lithe grace. He had brilliant blue eyes and dark wavy hair that recently began to grey. The coffee shop he owned, called Ground Zero, on Market St just off the town square was one of her favorite haunts. When at first she came in he would briefly visit with her as he did with all the customers. At every table he stopped and he could perk up the weary better than the coffee he served. His gleaming smile was contagious.

As she visited the coffee shop more frequently, it became clear to her that she became of greater interest to Michael. She knew his interest in her patronage had nothing to do with the bottom line of his business. He would sit for long periods of time chatting and more often than not just listening, ignoring other responsibilities and forgoing other customer?s visitations.

They both spoke of heartfelt matters in soft inviting tones. Sitting across from Michael, she would become intoxicated by the soulful stare of his eyes that pierced all inhibitions and invited her emotions to course freely. He would get up and touch her hand as he parted, and that briefest of touch would be the stirring catalyst for the moments she now pined in her fantasy.

As she knelt on the beach, she pulled up her skirt and grabbed a handful of sand and started to rub it on her legs. The rough grains scratched as she pushed them harder. The subtle pain brought anger. ?I can feel dammit, and I am alive.? She yelled.

Quelling her ire, her thoughts turned back to her charming, sexy Michael. The back of one of her hands brushed the side of her face and continued down to the nape of her neck. Massaging the delicate structures of her shoulder she closed her eyes and continued down inside the front of her wind billowed blouse. The hand was no longer hers, and her breast rose in longing anticipation to meet his touch for the first time. Soon to become lost in the reverie of what she termed her ?Fools Paradise? she heard a car door shut in the distance behind her, snapping her out of her erotic musings.

With the angle of the sun in her eyes she couldn?t see what kind of car had parked close to hers or make out who stood next to it. ?How long had the car been sitting there?? she wondered. No one called out. Since she had her back to the arriving newcomer and with the distance between them, she needn?t worry about being embarrassed of what might have been seen. The beach no longer belonged to her alone.

Although she had no reason for concern in being observed, privacy was the reason she had stopped at this unfrequented stretch of oceanfront. Standing and brushing the sand from her thighs, she scanned the area. The only stain of humanity invading the natural surroundings was a small seasonal snack shop and pier at the end of the beach that was closed this time of year. Bending over and grabbing her shoes, she abandoned the open panorama for a more private location to try and envisage her fantasies.

Reaching the end of the pier, she now doubted that she would find the release from her reality that she had come here to find. With someone else here wandering on the beach, her mind couldn?t become unfettered enough to pursue her meditative solace.

She looked across the expanse behind her and couldn?t see the unknown interloper. She knew she should not feel so possessive of this public space. The person she glimpsed, which she thought was male in stature, may now be the beach?s male counterpart, holding a similar membership in the ostracized passion guild. She didn?t care, she was frustrated.

She turned back to the sea and stared for some time into the distance. The straight line of the horizon where a deep grey sea met an infinite azure sky, left her feeling all the more lonely, just a speck of hungering womanhood, crying an impassioned plea for fulfillment in the vastness of existence. Now cloaked in melancholy, the world around her had faded.

On warm winds wing came lights first awakening, pulling back the corner of her dark shroud with a soft accustomed scent. She hadn?t been thinking of Michael. So why now did she imagine she smelled his distinctive cologne, Echo by Davidoff. A board behind her now creaked.

After almost a year of yearning was it somehow possible that Michael had followed her here. Now she tensed with eyes closed daring not to move, worried that doing so may somehow thwart the magic moment that she hoped was upon her. With heightened senses alert, the next second seemed to last an eternity.

His soft touch was unbelievable and surreal, warm hands now gently clasping both of her shoulders, releasing a torrent of emotions. Now flooded with feelings barely comprehensible, she slowly turned to face the unknown to take meaning.

Lovely Michael was holding her, with hair gently tousled by ocean breeze, wide tender smile, and eyes agleam with caring awareness were staring into her now watering eyes. She collapsed into his chest and he wrapped his sturdy arms around her drawing her tight.

Tears were not the fantasy first impression she had dreamed of, not even close. Emotionally floundering in her revelry, she was overcome with the reality of being with him now. Michael held her close with one hand while brushing her hair from one side of her face and said in faint whisper ?I am here for you?. Bending down further he kissed her neck and a melting wave of the purest pleasure she had ever felt flooded her body.

The effect was beautiful and overwhelming. No longer in angst, she stared at him with a clear pristine yearning. She leaned against his warm body as she turned and positioned herself into the cozy corner of the railing, now feeling secure and more relaxed.

Taking her face into both hands Michael turned her head slightly and moved less than a breath away and paused ever so briefly to relish in their mutual desire. Touching his lips slightly to hers brushing them in a circular motion the feeling was like heat lightening. They breathed in one or two of each others impassioned breaths, until they could endure no more and kissed deeply, powerfully, as if life and soul passed in the exchange across the touching of their tongues.

Their first kiss worked like a wrecking ball on any inhibitions they thought held substance. He backed away and lightly rubbed his finger across her cheek. Then kissed her more tenderly as his hand moved down the same erotic path she had earlier envisioned and then unbutton her blouse the rest of the way. His cupped hands lingered as they slid slowly down with fingers curved to fit the flaring contour of her now highly sensitive breasts and stiffening nipples.

She pulled his shirt over his head, lustfully kneading and leveling sweet cloying kisses on his masculine chest. She now pulled him close for another long ravenous kiss and her nails raked across his back as he slowly pulled away to move down to her bosom rolling her nipples with his tongue, and further inflaming her sweet moist crease.

From behind he lifted her skirt and found her elegant haunches to be naked. He wondered if she usually went into his coffee shop void of panties and renewed lust flowed into his already stiff erection at the thought. Taking her rear cheeks in his appreciative grasp he lifted her onto the corner of the railing. She had long tapered legs which she locked under the lower bar of the railing for support.

His hands made their slow lecherous journey along her thighs lifting her skirt as he traveled, drawing pleasure in the sleek smooth contours of her hips. With heads lolling in pleasure while they kissed each others necks, his fingers closed in on the silky flesh of the inner thigh and moved close enough to feel her inviting warmth. Michael stopped and kissed her lips once more before kissing his way down to her luscious moist mound.

Her lips parted in a hollow moan and she arched her back steadying herself as his tongue probed her peachy sweet crevasse. Prolonging the pleasure his lips and tongue playfully sucked on her swollen flesh while his finger began to flitter in and out of her wet aching pussy. He had found her spot and soon she was lost in spasms of pure pleasure. Grabbing his head and twining her fingers tightly in his hair she threw her head back was obliterated in a rush of orgasmic ecstasy.

He lowered her back down while his insatiable male hands were still savoring in the delight of fondling her naked flesh. She felt his hardened admiration.

She had his pants now undone, which had fallen down manacling around his ankles, and left his carnal staff now exposed. She stroked his manhood in a tightened grip and knelt down. Clenching him at the base she slowly and inspirationally licked up and down his quivering length with luscious moist lapping measures. Michael groaned, leaned back and shuddered in a blissful satisfaction. She wanted to save him for she wanted to feel him deep inside her. Leaving him juicy and well lubricated with her saliva, she stood and turned away from Michael and pulled him toward her by his thick shaft, and she bent over the railing.

Licking his fingers he lightly parted the tight narrow clenched space between her buttocks finding the damp warm passage for his now throbbing muscle. Slowly he tested her taut elasticity as he pushed himself forward. She lurched sideways once and arched her back down thrusting her hips up to accommodate his travel. She felt herself tighten around him as he inched inside, as if grasping him not wanting to ever let him leave. Now holding her by her jutting hips he pumped into her with slow deep measured strokes. They fell into a paced rhythm that sent her breasts swinging, and both of their minds reeling.

Soft moans and little cries of elation were mixed with the gratifying gasps of anguished breaths. She shook her head, flinging her long heavy mane, in unbelieving bliss. He clenched his teeth at each voracious lunge. Soon the tempo became a harried onslaught of thrusts. Loud groans, accompanied by her frenzied instructions of harder and faster which were fervently followed.

A shudder passed through her body, her moans became screams of pleasure then her breath came in short little gasps as she climaxed. The muscles of her vagina began a rippling set of contractions, massaging his cock within her. The sensation drove Michael over the edge without return. His whole body contracted in one moment of unrelenting bliss as he exploded inside her.

She had collapsed on the railing trembling, with chest heaving her body up and down. The shuddering slowly subsided, and as her body began to calm she stood. He made no move to dress or leave. He took her again in his arms and gently kissed her forehead, her nose, nipped her earlobe and kissed her neck before moving back up to her lips and engaging in a long tender kiss.

Entwined in arms, gently caressing each others backs, she looked up into his eyes with questioning look of hope for a new life. Without a word spoken his eyes beamed the answer?.yes.

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