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Erotic Coffee

I sat in tight blue jeans and a blue peasant blouse and under all that baby blue silk and lace panties and a white lace bra encasing my D cup breasts. The world had faded away as I read the most erotic story I have read in a very long time. Shots of lust and desire ripple up and down my body making my nipples hard and my sex wet. As the story progresses describing images of bondage, and submission; my breath comes in gasps and flutters. My hand on my throat feeling the pulse beat a wild tattoo while my other hand turns yet another page as I anticipate the next erotic image. As my alarm goes off telling me that it is time to leave I gather my things and the world comes back; and I realize that I have been having small organisms in a coffee shop with a man in a smart suit behind me and behind him a young man at a laptop. The thought pushes me off the edge and a full organism starts to build. I stand and gain my feet and walk out of the coffee shop with a few heads turning and I smile thinking of you.

End of Story