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Dining Out

The crowded restaurant did nothing to improve his mood. It had
been a long, tiring day, and he wanted little more than to get supper
and head for home. He couldn't help but stare at his watch, the
minutes quickly passing as he waited for her to arrive.

Ten minutes late. Twenty minutes late. He idly snacked on the
complimentary chips and salsa, glad she'd chosen a Mexican
restaurant tonight. A glance back at his watch. Twenty-five
minutes. Where was she?

"Hey Mister." He recognized her soft, sexy voice immediately.
"Buy a girl a drink?"

"Where have you.... been?" His eyes seemed to bug out as
turned to look at her. "Wow!" He said, all thoughts of her tardiness
forgotten. "You look.... incredible!"

"Thank you." She glided to the chair next to him, scooting it closer
to him before sitting down. He allowed his eyes to devour her,
taking in the luscious curves and the deep cleavage revealed by
her sexy dress. Oh, he loved the way the silky fabric slid up her
legs, showing her soft thighs enmeshed in sheer black stockings.
She'd obviously taken the time to dress especially for him, knowing
all the right buttons to push. Wall, almost all..... He dropped his
glance to her feet, swallowing hard when he saw the black patent
leather heels, the high heel arching her foot and emphasizing the
curve of her calves. "Sorry I was late." She said softly.

"Huh? Oh, that's okay." He slid over the menu, watching her as
she picked what she wanted for dinner. The rise and fall of her
chest as she breathed, the way she wiggled her ankle to make the
slim golden chain she wore catch the light. He motioned to the
waitress, sending their order to the kitchen before turning his
attention back to the sexy woman at his side. "You look
incredible." He said.

She laughed, a low, sultry laugh that sent shivers through him.

"You already said that." She told him, reaching for the goblet of
water. "I'm so glad you like it. I picked this dress just for you."

"Mmmm! You have wonderful taste." He reached out, resting his
hand on her knee, enjoying the smooth feel of the nylon and her
leg underneath. A gentle squeeze elicited a smile from her, and
he had to force himself to remove his hand and not inch his way
up her thigh. "New shoes, too." He noted. "I like them a lot."

"What, these?" She lifted her foot towards him, rolling her ankle.
The mischief in her eyes let him know that she knew just how what
effect she had on him. "I somehow thought you might like them."

"I do, I do." He had to re-arrange his pants, trying to take some
of the pressure off his suddenly throbbing cock. "You are so mean
to me." He said, occupying his hands with the silverware on the
table. "Showing up, dressed like that....." He sighed. "What am I
going to do with you?"

"Take me home and make wild passionate love to me?" She smiled,
making a point of re-crossing her long legs, just to drive him crazy.
She knew, without a doubt, that he was planning that now, more
than ever.

Reaching to the bowl of chips, she selected one, scooping salsa and
raising it to her lips. With a satisfying plop, a chunk of tomato fell
off, landing on the swell of her breast. "Damn!" She put the chip
on the table in front of her, reaching for her napkin.

"Wait." He grabbed his own napkin, reaching over to clear the
tomato for her. Blotting the offending sauce off, he delighted in
the way the soft flesh yielded under his fingers, the swell of her
breast exciting him even more. "There! All better."

"Thank you." She had a slight blush in her cheeks. "I'll try to be
more careful through the rest of dinner." She promised.

He sighed, looking at his watch, seeing no sign of the waitress. He
had the feeling that this was going to be a long meal.

Exiting the restaurant, he looked around for her truck. "Where are
you parked?" He asked. "I'll walk you over there."

"I'm parked back there." She pointed towards the hotel behind the
restaurant. "By the swimming pool." A key was suddenly dangled
in front of his eyes, room 534. "Wanna walk me over there?"

"Oh, very much so!" He took the key, then offered his arm, leading
her across the parking lot to the front door of the hotel. Watching
her walk up the front steps, the sway of her hips emphasized by the
heels.... he groaned. She led him to the elevator, smiling at him
seductively when the door closed. "Alone at last." She said.

Stepping into the circle of his arms, she pressed her body against
his, feeling his hard cock press into her thigh. He had to reach up to
kiss her, the heels making her just a smidge taller than him. He let
his hands slide inside her coat, running up and down her body as
the kissed. All too soon, the elevator stopped, and they parted.

The hotel room was small and cozy, a familiar suitcase tucked into

the corner. Slipping out of her coat, she walked across the room,
pulling a bottle of diet Coke from the ice bucket. "Can I pour you
a drink?" She asked.

"Sure." He removed his own coat, draping it over the back of the
chair, perching on the edge of the bed, simply delighting in watching
her move. "How long have you been planning this?"

"Oh, a couple of days. It's been a while since I've seduced you."
She grinned, handing him his glass, sitting beside him. "And I do
so love to think of new ways to seduce you."

Setting the glass on the bedside table, he pushed her back on the
bed. "And I do so love it when you seduce me, you wench." He
gave her a sloppy kiss, dragging his lips down her neck to suck on
her collar bone. "I have been rock hard the last hour, you know

She giggled, running her hand down his body to find the bulge un
his slacks, giving him a gentle squeeze. He groaned against her
neck, his hand snaking under her skirt, brushing against her bare
pussy lips. "No underwear?" He asked.

"Uh-uh." She unzipped his slacks, her fingers wrapping around
his cock. "I wanted to surprise you."

"It worked!" His fingers slid between the damp lips, probing deep
inside her. His tongue trailed down to her breast, tasting the faint
residue left from the salsa, then down into the deep well between
her breasts. Her taste and her touch were driving him crazy. "I
have to have you now." He whispered.

Rolling away, he stood up, helping her to her feet and pulling the
dress over her head. "Leave the bra on. And the garter belt." He
said, removing his own clothing. She reached out and wiped the
dribble of pre cum from the angry red head of his cock, licking
her fingers clean. "You are so sexy." He whispered.

Parting her thighs, he entered her, bringing one stocking clad leg up
rest on his shoulder, kissing her toes right over the edge of the shoe.
Running his hands up and down her leg, he pumped in and out of
her, cumming after only a few minutes. He knew by her cries and
whimpers that she was close, and he continued to make love to her,
until she came, her pussy squeezing his semi-erect cock deliciously.

Spent, they lay side by side, calming down. Grinning wickedly, she
dr*ped her leg across stomach, knowing he couldn't resist touching
it. "Happy?" She asked.

"Of course I am, silly." He pinched her thigh, making her squeal.
"But something occurs to me."

Raising herself on one elbow, she looked down at him. "And just
what would that be?" She asked.

"I'm going to have to go and move my car. I can't leave it in the
restaurant parking lot.... It will get towed away." He sighed,
forcing himself to stand up and get dressed. Grabbing the key, he
headed for the door. "Stay right there." He told her, promising to
be right back. He had a busy night ahead of him, he thought,
stepping onto the elevator. All the way to his car, he was planning
how he would seduce her next week.

End of Story

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