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Big Bend

In the south of Texas there is a national park known as Big Bend.
The name comes from the bend in the bottom of the shape of Texas. It
is the largest park in Texas and has more than 150 miles of trails.
If you are into camping and hiking, as I am, it is worth the trip.
I have been to Big Bend three times in my life. All three times were
memorable. The first time was when I was a youth and my family was on
vacation. That trip is what put the love of hiking into me. The
second time was after I had broken off an engagement to get married.
I was able to put an ending to the emotions involved in the break up.
The third time was when I changed places of employment. I had been
working for almost a year without a break. I was unsatisfied with my
current employment and made the decision to change on the trip. That
trip is the focus of this story.
Hiking is the hobby I have that surprises most people, being a girl
4' 11" tall at 89 pounds. This makes a small stride and not much
support for a backpack of supplies. I have to train constantly to be
prepared for a trip like this. I walk three miles daily and work out
in the gym once a week. This being my third trip to Big Bend, I knew
how I
needed to prepare. In past trips I wasn't in shape to take the
longest trails or to pack for overnight. This time was different. I
was going for the longest trail at the park. It would require a heavy
pack of supplies and I prepared myself accordingly.
South Texas is hot year round. In the summer it's unbearably hot.
This trip was over the Christmas holidays to avoid dangerous
temperatures. Even then the temperature reaches the high eighties and
low nineties during the day while dropping near freezing at night.
This demands packing appropriate supplies such as water, cool
clothing, warm sleeping gear, and a good hat.
The day started simple enough. I parked my jeep at the ranger
station. The park required that every hiker get a permit to enter the
trail. This so the rangers can keep track of who is on the trail in
case of emergency. If you don't come back in reasonable time they
start a search.
The ranger, I will call Brad, took one look at me and shook his head.
I have to admit I didn't look like the hiker type. I was wearing a
loose shirt that buttoned up the front but was tied in a knot at my
waist. I had on khaki shorts that were rolled up at the bottom,
showing all my legs. I had on wool socks that came up half my calf
with high top hiking boots. Underneath all this I wore a black bikini
swim suit top. My shirt was unbuttoned showing the top underneath.
My long red hair was braided back, and my straw hat was hanging down
my back with a string tied around my neck.
"Are there many other hikers on the trail?" I asked. I prefer to be
alone. Running into other hikers spoils the atmosphere of getting
back into nature. I wanted to get away from other humans.
"Not today," he replied. "You're the only one going up on Christmas
I had forgotten it was Christmas day. While the rest of the world
were with their families and stuffing their faces I would be communing
with nature. Children would be opening gifts from Santa Clause while
I was exploring.
"Good, I like it that way," I laughed at him. He stamped my permit,
gave me a map and had me check that I had all the necessary supplies.
He gave me the lecture on safety and I was off. I was aggravated at
the fact that this ranger thought I didn't know what I was doing. I
could take care of myself. I wasn't an amateur at this.
The trail I was taking was not long at all in terms of average trail
lengths around the country. It was only 15.3 miles one way. But I
was there for the weekend. I was staying out 3 days and two nights.
I would hike out to a secluded spot to camp, spend the next day hiking
around that area and return after the second night in camp.
The trip started as planned. The desert mountains are beautiful.
The hike in was down hill, which is beneficial considering the weight
of the water I was caring. On the way out I would have by then
diminished the water to minimal amounts. The air was crisp but warm.
By mid-day I had shed my shirt and was walking in my bikini top. I
found a clearing near sundown and pitched camp.
My tent was one of those little things that come folded so small it
could fit in a purse. When put up it was the size of a large dog
house. It was meant for two people to sleep in but not comfortably if
they were large.
I made a small fire, cooked dinner and crawled into my sleeping bag
to keep warm. I was relaxed completely after the long hike of the day
and fell asleep quickly.
The next day I spent exploring the area around the camp. All alone
in the wilderness was so relaxing and peaceful. I kept thinking about
how at peace I was. I also kept Brad, the ranger, running in my head.
He was tall -- well, everyone is tall to me -- and handsome. He had
light colored hair and his body looked like he worked out. I was
imagining him as a life guard on the beach.
That afternoon trouble hit. A hard winter storm was blowing down
from the Rockies into the west Texas area. Further north it was
snowing. As for me, I was getting rain and ice. The cold wind froze
the rain as it fell. It was wet, windy, icy and really cold.
When the storm hit, I was about a mile from the tent. By the time I
reached it I was wet and freezing. I was also scared. I stripped out
of my wet clothes, dried off and climbed into the sleeping bag. I was
in serious trouble and didn't know what to do. I had food and water
to last another day, but sooner or later I was going to have to walk
out of here. All I had that was warm and dry was a sleeping bag.
The next morning I peeked out of the tent at the winter wonder land
around me. The desert terrain was covered in ice. Icicles dripped
from every branch of bush, mesquite tree and cactus. My tent was
crisp and stiff from the sheet of ice covering it. It was beautiful,
cold and deadly.
I was stuck. With my only protection from the cold being my sleeping
bag, my only choice was to stay there and wait for warmer weather or
help to arrive. I was really worried.
About mid morning I heard noises in the camp. It could have been any
animal around so I ignored it. Then a voice rang out.
"Anyone here?" the voice called.
It was the ranger, Brad.
"I am in the tent," I yelled back.
As he was unzipped the entrance to the tent I was crawling out of the
sleeping bag. That's when I realized I was naked and Brad was coming
in. I quickly pulled myself back into the sleeping bag but not before
he got a glimpse of my breasts.
He was wet all over. He was wearing a yellow rain coat but was still
soaked through. His lips were blue and he was shaking.
"Oh my god, you're freezing!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing out
in this weather?"
Through the chattering of his teeth he answered, "When the storm blew
in I came looking for you. I have been out all night searching."
I knew he needed to get warm quickly but the only warm spot was my
sleeping bag. I sat up, letting the sleeping bag fall from around my
breasts. He was looking at me but was in no condition to take
advantage. I started undressing him.
"You have to get out of these wet clothes."
I was scared even more now. Not only was I in the middle of a desert
mountain range, in the middle of an ice storm, without any winter
clothes, but I also had a ranger who was going to freeze to death on
With a lot of effort on my part I stripped him down and helped him
crawl into the sleeping bag with me. My sleeping bag wasn't meant for
two people but I was small and we managed. When I first felt his skin
it was as if I was touching an ice cube. I had to force myself to
wrap my legs and arms around him. His whole body was shaking. I
about being naked with this man and concentrated on warming him up.
After 20 minutes or so he stopped shaking. His body was becoming
warm to the touch. He had fallen asleep from the exhaustion of
searching for me in the cold. He didn't snore but his breathing was
heavy. He slept for about 5 hours.
While he slept I laid with my head on his chest. I kept staring at
his face. He was a very handsome man. I caressed his arms and
shoulders with my hand. I was becoming very aroused by him. Several
times he moved in his sleep wrapping his arms around me. This gave me
comfort over the fear I had earlier. I knew I was going to be all
right now. All that I was feeling was attraction to this naked man I
was with.
When he finally awoke, he jumped. He looked into my face and I into
his. He had a look of relief that changed to a look of worry,
realizing we were naked together in a sleeping bag and I was the girl
he was suppose to be rescuing.
"How long have I been asleep?" he asked.
"A few hours," I replied quietly.
He tried to pull out of the sleeping bag.
"Where you going?" I asked, holding him from moving. "We can't
leave. Our clothes are wet. We will freeze out there."
He stopped squirming and reluctantly laid down, putting his arms back
around me.
"What are we going to do?" I asked.
He answered doubtfully, "Well, we can try to walk out of here in the
"No way," I interrupted. "Are there others looking?"
"No. I fell and broke my radio. So for now no one knows we are out
here. We will have to wait for help or warmer weather."
We both laid there quietly. I rested my head on his chest. He
relaxed a little and held me firm with his arms. I returned to
caressing his chest with my hand.
The wind was still now as the light faded away. Brad opened his pack
and pulled a battery powered lantern out. It lit up the tent as we
stared at the walls. They glowed in the light. The neon green fabric
reflected the light causing everything to look pale and green.
All I could do was look at Brad. I wanted him to take me, kiss me
and make love to me. I could tell he wanted the same thing. I could
feel his pecker getting hard against my body. Our faces were just an
inch apart.
"I want to kiss you," he said huskily.
"I want to kiss you back," I quickly replied.
With that our faces came together. My whole body melted as he kissed
me. He parted my lips with his tongue as it searched my mouth.
squeezed his body close to mine, holding on as if he would pull away.
The world outside the tent didn't exist any longer. All of my world
at that moment was in the sleeping bag. I had come to Big Bend for
hiking, thinking it would clear my head of the hassles of life back
home. Hiking hadn't accomplished that goal, but Brad did it in one
His hand roamed to my breast as my own hand found his erection. My
nipples were erect and sensitive. His dick was big and hard. We
kissed while our hands explored each other. He kissed my neck,
sending goose bumps down my back. I was hot and wanted him in me. I
couldn't wait any longer. I climbed on top of him as the sleeping bag
fell from my body. The temperature outside the tent was freezing but
inside it had warmed up from our breathing and body heat. I reached
for his pecker, guiding it into me. I moaned loudly as it spread my
lips while I lowered myself to its base. Slowly I raised and let
myself down on his erection as we stared into each others eyes. I
leaned my head back as he rubbed my breasts and pinched my nipples
between his fingers. It felt wonderful to have that large dick
sliding in and out of my wet pussy. I fell forward and kissed his
lips while not losing the rhythm of making love to him. His hands
were on my hips, helping the motion. His dick started throbbing as
his come filled me. I could feel it flowing into me, coating my
insides. This set me off and our orgasms shook our bodies as we
kissed. His tongue searching my mouth while I was gasping for air
through my nostrils. We released our kiss as my weight collapsed onto
his body. I slid down beside him as his dick slid from me. My arm
crossed his chest while his wrapped tightly around me.
"Are you all right?" he asked, concerned from my hard breathing.
"Yes, you take my breath away. I just need to breathe."
I awoke the next morning as he was sliding out of the bag. He opened
the tent and stuck his head out for a look. "The temperature is warm
enough for us to hike out of here," he announced. "It will be cold
but we won't be in any danger."
I really didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay in that sleeping bag
with him. But we put on our clothes, which were still damp and cold.
The hike to civilization as we know it was up hill. I felt like I was
leaving civilization behind for the jungle of every day life. The
hike was strenuous with our packs. We kept sliding down on the muddy
slopes. Brad had traded me his pack for mine since mine had the bag
and tent. The hike was enough work to keep us warm. By mid-afternoon
we were getting close to the ranger station. We ran into a search
party that was just starting to look for the missing ranger and a
camper who had logged out 3 days earlier. The search team carried our
packs for us the rest of the way.
When we reached the ranger station a couple of reporters were there
covering the story. Brad's commander escorted us into the station
without being bothered too much. We told him the story of my being
stranded by the weather and how Brad valiantly searched and found me.
We left out the juicy parts of being naked together in a sleeping bag.
After we told our story I asked if Brad could drive me to a motel. I
wasn't going to spend another night in the tent. He gave the okay and
I handed Brad the keys to the jeep. As we pulled out I was staring at
him. He was covered in mud from the hike up the trail. Covered in
mud myself, I sat with my legs pointed sideways on the seat watching
him drive. He was beautiful.
"I need a shower," I said. "Want to take one with me?"
He just looked at me.
"How about your place?" I asked.
A few miles further and he turned off the road. We were headed for a
shower and a warm bed. The next day Brad showed me the local paper
that ran a story of how the brave ranger conquered the elements to
rescue the stranded camper. It had a bad file photo of Brad in his
uniform and a long testimony from his commander on how the rangers'
quality training was invaluable in saving my life.
"Saved your life," he said. "If I hadn't found you I would have
frozen to death. I think you saved my life."
I agree in regard to his physical rescue. He was lucky he found my
tent. But the mental rescue came from him. I was lost in my thoughts
and Brad rescued me. I went home refreshed to conquer whatever came
my way. Brad and I still write. I am planning a trip to hike Pike's
Peak in Colorado this summer. Brad is arranging his vacation to go
with me. It's going to be a great trip.

End of Story

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