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Bed And Breakfast, Chap 1 A Dilemma Solved

This whole thing started when Siobhan saw an article in a magazine about a log
home that had been built out in the "middle of nowhere" by a rather eccentric
but rich man for a summer retreat but now that he was older he had decided to
sell and that was the whole point of the article. You see, he had done such a
good job of locating it in the wilderness that he couldn't sell the place now.
Now this was not your little four wall "Little House on the Prairie" place. It
had 3 levels, a loft bedroom and several guest rooms to either side of the loft,
cathedral living area (I'd say room but this thing was huge), a big field stone
fireplace, huge windows facing west to view the sunset over the mountains.
Outside it had a large porch and deck with a hot tub--solar powered, no less.
When Siobhan showed me this article I was properly impressed but didn't think
more of it at the time.
Little did I know that Siobhan had fallen in love with this home and had,
through the magazine, even gotten in touch with the owner. I won't bother you
with all the details but we ended up offering a bid on the place. Normally one
of us could never have afforded it but together we were able to offer a
reasonable bid (now that the price was lowered a lot) but I honestly didn't
think we would get it. When we did I was more than pleased.
Siobhan and I made arrangements to take a couple of weeks off after the closing
and drove up there. Now, I should explain that when Siobhan and I are together
we are either nude or as near to it as we can get without getting arrested so
when we left to drive to the cabin we each were wearing white shorts--tight and
high cut, enough that part of our ass cheeks showed, and T-shirts but, other
than shoes, that was all. Being around each other kept our nipples hard and
showing through our tops. We just loved all the stares we got!!
After we left the towns behind (and a little before that if truth be known) we
each got rid of our top and a little further along took the shorts off to be
naked except for shoes, we thought that we might need them later. We were both
enjoying the stares from other cars, especially when she leaned over and started
to eat me---- the long drive passed quickly. :-)
We had gotten the keys from the realtor beforehand so we just drove to the
cabin. The place was, indeed, huge and our first order of business was to unload
the groceries that we had brought. It felt so good to be able to work outside
and in the nude, to hold hands (and other parts) freely.
We got the supplies and our bags in and, after a bit of kissing and feeling,
went exploring our new place. After taking in all the rooms we ended up on the
porch sitting together kissing and cuddling and telling each other how lucky we
were to buy this place.
I finally could wait no longer and our kissing grew more passionate and our
feels more direct. I broke from one kiss and leaned Siobhan back as I moved my
lips to her sensitive left breast and slowly, in a long spiral, licked with my
tongue tip up to the nipple and around it in ever decreasing circles. When, at
last, I got to the nipple and raised my tongue tip and touched it's hardness
Siobhan jumped and pressed her breast against my mouth.
"OOOOHHHHH, YES-SSSSSSSS, Mary, suck it!!!"
Now I don't want you to get the idea that Siobhan was not busy during all this
and as she kissed and licked my shoulder to my earlobe, I felt one of her hands
sliding between my thighs, I slightly parted them to make things easier for her
and felt her fingers lightly grazing over my shaved pussy and then outlining it.

I sighed at her touch and stopped sucking on her breast to kiss her but then it
was her turn and she lowered her face to my right breast and began a series of
butterfly kisses all over the mound and nearing the swollen nipple she changed
to light kisses and opened her lips and as I watched my erect nipple enter her
mouth a shiver of joy swept through my being and I gave a low, long mmoooaaaann.

I held her head gently as I covered her shoulder and neck with those same
butterfly kisses until I reached her earlobe and sucked it in. All the time we
each had one of our hands fingering all around the other's pussy but as our need
for each other grew these hands were replaced, when we moved, with our thighs.
We went back to kissing passionately as we rubbed each others pussy and clit on
our thighs leaving the wet signs of our lust.
I have no idea how we got there but we found ourselves on the cool grass of the
lawn where I lay on top of her and pressed our bodies together as best we could
and continued with our rubbing but now it was tempered but our cumming orgasms.
We were like two wild women as we moaned, groaned and ground together and then
one of the miracles of nature happened.
As long as we had been together and as many times as we had made love this was
the first time that we orgasmed precisely together. The wild bucking and
squirming of one of us seemed to feed the others desire and we orgasmed strong
and long enjoying first the love shown and the feelings but then sliding and
squishing in the evidence of our shared love---our joint CUMS!!!!
For a while there it was actually hard to breathe, the orgasm was that strong,
but after a wonderfully long time that ended much too soon, we both calmed down
and were holding each other and sharing in our bliss.
After calming down still more we both began to notice that the air was getting
cooler as sundown was nearing so we reluctantly got up and went in but cuddled
on the large sofa and watched the sunset together. I don't know if there is
anything better than seeing that while holding your lover in your arms unless it
is licking her clean of the signs of our love making--something that she did for
me too.
We spent the most of the time making love in various places around the cabin
both indoor and out but then we got a call from the realtor and reality
returned. The realtor was calling to tell us of the maintenance bills for that
time and they were large! We could cover those bills but we saw no way that we
could keep this up.
We were out the next day enjoying the freedom of a naked walk and thinking how
sad it would be to have to sell this place when Siobhan got this big grin on her
face. When I looked at her wonderingly she explained with a question first.
"Mary, what is it that we really love about here?"
When I smiled and gave her ass cheek a squeeze she said. "NO, besides that."
(she did return my smile though)
I thought that over a bit and said, "I guess the freedom."
"Right, Mary and I'll bet that others would pay to join in that, even for a
short time."
I must have looked puzzled because she went on, "We can start our own Bed and
Breakfast. Just a small one, maybe one or two guests at a time, enough to pay
the bills, and we'll make it nude and people will be free to do as we have done,
enjoy the freedom of having sex anytime and anywhere they like."
I was getting caught up in this because I added, "Why not make it total freedom
for while they are here and let them have sex with anyone, including us!? I'm
thinking we might get some great pussy or cock out of this "just paying the
bills" stuff.
We both loved the idea so much that after embracing for a good while we actually
stopped and ran back to the cabin to make calls and get the paperwork started.
That night we took the covers off the bed and laid them next to the fire place
and spent the night in front of a big log fire.
We were both nude and in the light of a roaring fire we spent hours lying on top
and beside each other hugging, kissing, sucking each other's breasts and
whispering our excited plans for our new B & B.
Eventually I got too turned on to stay still and kissed my way down her body
past those luscious breasts and her nipples, so hard they were ready to cut
glass, , and on to her red pubes and through the light hair to he sweet pussy
lips. By this time her clit was swelled and I could tease that bud without much
trouble so I stuck out my tongue and flicked the end of it over that swollen
For my 'troubles' I got a most satisfying "OHHHHHHH, MARY-YYYYY!!!' as Siobhan
lifted her ass off of the covers for a moment. I moved to between her open legs
and placed my lips against her dripping ones as I curled my tongue and used it
like a small, warm cock as I dove into her depths.
I kept up the tongue fucking for many wonderful minutes but then started taking
side trips with my tongue to flick her clit. These little side trips became more
and more regular until I had her clit between my lips and was sucking hard while
using two fingers to finger fuck her. I even stopped fingering her long enough
to reach up and offer her a taste of the honey of her pussy. She responded by
sucking those fingers clean but then she started to squirm and when she rested a
hand gently on my head I knew that my love was near to CUMming.
I had no sooner thought that than she started to buck up into my face and moan
and groan. I stayed fixed to her clit as she rode out her CUM but then I lapped
up all of her honey that I could but didn't swallow it. When I thought that I
could get no more I slid up beside her, held her head in my arms and tilted it
back, under mine. She seemed to get the idea and opened her mouth and stuck out
her tongue to receive her treat.
I opened my lips a little, as one would when whistling and, at the same time,
used my tongue to push her girl CUM out in several long drops. She caught the
them on her tongue and let them slowly slide to her throat and swallowed them.
After I had emptied my mouth of her juices I lowered my lips to hers and during
a l-o-n-g and tender kiss we shared the remaining taste.
She insisted on returning the 'favor' and but I was so turned on that she was
barely between my legs than she had to hold on for dear life as a strong CUM
overcame me and I bucked and squirmed against her face. I held her head to me
wanting her tongue and lips to be as close to me as I could have her.
She managed to stick with me until I calmed down a bit and then brought her full
mouth over mine and as I opened for her she just opened her lips and all my girl
CUM came oozing out onto my waiting tongue at once.
I didn't swallow all of it right away but waited till she covered my lips with
hers and then by rolling us side to side we exchanged that CUM for a while
before each taking some and swallowing.
We finally went back to whispering plans for our B & B.

End of Story

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