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Sexuallity Comes Out

What could be easier or more natural than falling in love? Than flirting and swooning and spooning? Than getting cozy between the sheets with the one you care about the most? The truth is, sex is always the best but to be able to bring a female in bed with my husband and myself or maybe a coulpe would be so much greater. But the best is to have a couple of flings with others is always worth the fun. We've all been drunk before and dizzy with desire of being sexual, but what happens when those initially hard-hitting hormones won't stop?

Do I fight fair?? Sure, I fight-- about money, his dirty socks on the floor or my bras hanging around the room. Do I fight about sex, Oh yes because I don't get it when I want it......the best way to get out of a fight with your partner is sex it works 90% of the time. The only fight that gets me is how other figth about cheating, but what is cheating?? Well my outlook of cheating is: If I am committed to my significant other, would I ever kiss a other man, yes only if my other said it was ok. But now for me to do the nasty with a other beside my husband then that guy better have a female or he don't get me in the sheets.

Now my sexual boundaries are I am a very sexually wild woman, up for anything, damn the consequences! But now if there is a fine man and a woman walking down the street what do yous think I would look at?? of course that sexy female all the way.........I will always flirt seriously with someone who is attractive because you never know if they might like to come home with me and my husband........But now I am the person that at a party I might just take my clothes off, or at the beach, or have sex in a place that someone might see us......more fun I think.

The singal female or that couple that is very sexual like myself please join myself if singal female, or if a couple than please join my husband and myself.........We love to have fun oral and sexual in ever way........I need to go and jump in that cold shower!!!

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